Trick to Stop Snacking & Lose Weight

My Tester Jeans are a little tight… and I know exactly why. I am a vampire eater. Sometimes I get into the unhealthy habit of unnecessarily eating late at night. Lately, it’s been a nightly ritual. I know it’s unhealthy. And it’s time to stop. So I am hanging my tester jeans in the kitchen. It’s an easy and painless reminder that, sure those 15 seconds of taste bud bliss might be heavenly! But in a month, if you’ve successfully avoided the majority of boredom/anger/sadness snacking, you will be rewarded with much more long term thrill- slipping into (as opposed to squeezing into) your Tester Jeans!


I DON’T Weigh Myself- Ever. I Use “Tester Jeans” Instead
If you’re scared of the scale, don’t use it. It is a great thing to track weight if you need that number count, but if your goal is to look and feel better, I’d go for tester jeans (your skinny jeans that you use only as a method of measure… not to go out in- you don’t want to stretch them). I actually stopped weighing myself in college because I was weighing myself way too often and became a bit obsessed with the scale. I found that I was thinking about food and exercise all of the time (I was also a dance major in college so body image was an issue).

I have a lot of muscle and I weigh more than I look like I weigh, so I would rather not stress over the number and instead gauge my “weight” by how my tester jeans fit. Tester Jeans are one pair of jeans that I never wash and I never actually wear- that way they stay the same size. For me, “tester jeans” are sanity savers. Fact is your weight fluctuates by a pound or 2 during the day due to water and food consumption, and digestion. I prefer to “weigh in” with my tester jeans every Friday, before the weekend, so I can see how I’m doing and see if I need to watch it a bit over the weekend or if it’s ok to let myself go a bit. I’m no longer strict with my size. I know that if my tester jeans are a bit tight, I just need to be a bit more careful and I can shrink down a little. If they are more than a bit tight or I am feeling emotionally weak (which often leads to vampire’ing), I hang them in the kitchen for a few days. I truly believe that this is why I have pretty much stayed the same size for a long time, because I won’t buy myself larger clothes, I just have to keep fitting into them! Works for me, but we are all different and something else might work better for you.


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