Dressing the Part: How to Dress if you Have No Style

contributed by Style Expert- Julia Blythe

“Always be yourself! It’s about collecting pieces you love and incorporating them in ways that fit your own personal style. Wear clothing that makes you feel amazing because that is what fashion is all about!” – The Blonds’ Phillipe and David Blond

Of late, my outfits have been devoid of even the slightest shred of inspired style. Something about rising before the sun, leaves me fumbling for clothes of the same ilk as my comforter (read: warm, soft and drab) and staying wary of anything revealing attitude or, god forbid, skin.

Totally bored with my lack of textile imagination, I knew I had to give myself a boost and turned to my favorite trick: “dressing the part.” It’s amazing how quickly dressing becomes fun and fabulous when you channel a spirit, person or attitude.

Channeling Katherine Hepburn

My first inspiration: Katharine Hepburn. Known for wearing tailored menswear – mainly button up blouses in neutrals and tans and wide legged trousers, she exuded confidence and defiance. Channeling this state of mind, I turned to the back of my closet and found an oversized open neck sheer blouse in a neutral color. While it lacks a collar, is shortly cropped and shares more skin than she would have liked, the blouse has buttons all the way up and is close enough! Next up, I picked out high waisted, slouchy pants in a black silk. Now to the shoes: chunky heels in blue silk will save me from needing to hem my pants. I could pull out all the stops and do Katherine justice with a side part and soft curls but, alas, I don’t own hairspray.

Channeling Blondie

My next inspiration: a vintage tee, screen-printed with Blondie’s face. I stumbled upon this find, in a vintage shop on Melrose. While the tasseled leather vests and sequined mini skirts in the store were too much for me, I couldn’t resist Blondie’s call. With Blondie’s face front and center, the top already has built in attitude – to continue the edgy theme, I gravitated towards my slightly fraying, dark grey skinny jeans and black lace up booties. Chunky rings give my knuckles some punch. Rather fond of what I term “half jackets”, I lean on my trusted leather and wool cropped half jacket to keep things interesting (and warm). A tight and shiny, low ponytail keeps the look pulled together. With my generally, clashing prints and “eclectic” combination of inspirations, channeling style is most successful for me when I don’t copy a look precisely but use it as a launching pad.

Happy dressing!


 Julia Blythe is the Art Department Coordinator for 3 ABC Family Television shows including “Switched at Birth,” “Jane By Design,” and “Make It or Break It,” with her first art department gig on HBO’s “Big Love.” Known for her funky fashion choices, she works her eclectic magic by styling both on-screen rooms and personal wardrobes. To Julia, it’s all about individual pieces (be it from thrift stores or couture showrooms) that form the whole, and inspiration.


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