4 Ways to Lose Weight While Watching TV

I am a multi-tasker, filling my day with as many things at once in order to make the most out of every moment (except for those days when I can hardly motivate to change out of my sweats, but that’s a different story). Because sometimes I can’t seem to find the time to slip my workout into my completely full day, but of course already penciled in the after dinner hour to watch Top Chef or X Factor on Direct TV, I created a TV circuit workout to ensure that I get in my exercise, even when I over-schedule myself.

Your average 1-hour show is actually 44-minutes of show, plus 16-minutes of commercials, each lasting an average of 30-seconds. The key to the circuit is to do cardio during your show, and resistance during the commercials. If you’re feeling a tad on the lazy side, skip the cardio and just do the commercial resistance. After all, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body naturally burns.


The cardio is simple- it’s basically a circuit of strung together Daily 100s (which you can also break down into an individual 100 perfect to slip into 1 commercial break. So, Daily 100s are 100 set or 100 reps of an exercise. Examples?

-Marching in Place. No, not strolling, marching- fast! Swing your arms, lift those knees, really exaggerate the move in order to get the most out of it. Remember, the point is to get your heart rate up without forcing your eyes to unglue from the screen.

-Side Touches- take big steps out to each side, keep those arms swinging, make this move big!

-Jumping Jacks

-Hula Hooping (if you have a big living room)



When it comes to resistance, you will do each exercise for the duration of one commercial- no breaks in between moves!

-Plank- Hold this top of the push-up pose for the entire commercial. If you aren’t feeling the burn by the end of the first one, keep it up through a second, or all if you’d like. What’s great about Plank is that it’s a total-body burner and you’re not even moving! Every muscle- calves to abs to chest- is engaged. You may not feel every area at first, but as one muscle fatigues, another takes over to carry the brunt, until it fatigues, then another takes over, etc…

-X-Plank- To add a little more oomph to your average Plank, spread your feet and hands further out to the sides in an X-formation (It can be a skinny or even lopsided X). You will find that your legs start to shake fast as you are working more of the inside of your thighs, arms, and obliques.

-Running Plank

-Resting Boat

-Seated Leg Raise

-Seated Dips

-Wall-Sit- Sit on the wall as if you are sitting on a chair with your back firmly pressed against the wall, your thighs parallel to the floor. As with plank, hold this pose for as many commercials as you can endure. If the commercials aren’t engaging enough for you, take your mind off the burn by opening your mail. Try to sit through at least 3 commercials (about 90 seconds). To up the exercise, place a small stack of books, or your baby on your lap, creating more weight and therefore increasing the resistance.



Watching a comedy that induces tear-streaming, side-stitching laughter can singe 100 calories in 20 of those minutes.


If you’ve ever given someone a serious massage, you know that it takes work! And, of course, anything that takes work also burns calories. While giving a massage you are engaging your muscles in order to relax theirs, working your hands, arms, back and core. Your average hour massage can burn 260 calories.

Just another 4 excuses to make sure you get in your favorite shows each night ;)


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