Heart Broken? Get Over Him Faster... By Acting Like Him!

Whether the relationship was good or bad, chicks still tend to be seriously bummed about it when it’s over and we have a really hard time getting over it. EVEN if the relationship was honestly awful, we still struggle to stop thinking about him, oddly “forgetting” all of the bad stuff and just remembering the good. It’s time to stop living in the past because your fabulous future is waiting!

But of course, just jumping into a new guys arms isn’t going to magically repair your heart- same feeling different face. NO. HOWEVER, it is a good idea to start looking, window shopping, seeing what else is out there- you will be reassured that there really are LOTS of available, fantastic, guys who are better than your ex in many ways.

While you really aren’t ready to hunker down with a newly titled BF (believe me… you AREN’T READY), dating isn’t always about relationships. You can date for fun, for learning, for exploring, for companionship too. So if you’re comfortable, go on some dates to have fun and remember how good it feels to feel good! Have engaging conversation. Dress up and feel beautiful. Work on your body and mind by getting back into a workout program. Hang out with friends who inspire and uplift you (and are also your go-to call when you really want to call him, but know you shouldn’t). Write a list of all of the shitty things about your ex (this isn’t about bashing him, but instead reminding you so that you don’t only remember the good things). Create an intention board of how you want to feel and what you hope your next relationship looks like. Think about your core values- who you are… really.

That’s what TO do. There are lots of things NOT to do and lots of steps to take to help keep your mind from wandering back into your past and fixating on (and worse- going back to) your ex… in the video above.

Then when you ARE ready to date…. don’t forget your DATING POWER TOOLS… below:


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