I've Never "TRIED" to Sweat On TV Before... until this E! News Segment

Cured of sweating the armpits? Seems MiraDry, the new FDA-approved treatment works! Watch the entire process: from the procedure in Dr. Ava Shamban’s office in Beverly Hills to “trying” to sweat at Equinox West Hollywood!

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Most “normal” people don’t sweat enough for it to be an issue. But then there are those who suffer from an embarrassing, rarely talked about, but pretty common problem called Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive and unnatural sweating that can result in sweating through and ruining clothes- even saturating leather jackets. Because it can result in visible circles of sweat, sufferers can experience extreme social anxiety, making them less likely to raise their hands, keeping their arms pinned close against their bodies, constantly cognizant of the embarrassing underarm deluge, which just promotes the problem even more- a major confidence killer. For these people, not even antiperspirants help.
The Latest and Greatest Technology: MiraDry

The newest treatment is called miraDry. This non-invasive (except for the injections of numbing lidocaine), FDA-approved procedure works long term and reduces sweat by about 86% without needles or injections of any kind. MiraDry uses heat to effectively destroy overactive sweat glands.

…The ugly things we do for beauty! (BTW… I do suffer from hyperhidrosis. SO this isn’t just a fun thing to stop a little sweating. It is a problem that I have suffered with since I was a little girl… not anymore! At least not in the pits).

(PASSWORD: Laurel)

E! News – Laurel House 9.14.12 from Much and House Public Relations on Vimeo.

 1 WEEK LATER at Equinox West Hollywood…



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