Yoga Face Lift!

The signs of aging are scary. Suddenly new wrinkles appear where plump flawless skin existed. Once lifted apple-like cheeks start to sag, forming jowls that drop just below your jaw line. No matter how much sleep you somehow sneak in each night, your eyes slighting lag along the edges making your face seem less than rested. With new research out about the dangers of Botox and a serious fear of scalpels, you just grin and bare it (though you may want to lay off on those smiles- laugh lines). Worry not! We have discovered a face-lift alternative that actually does work! Face Yoga!

Your face is made up of 16 muscles. Like the muscles in your legs, arms and stomach- if you ignore them, they tend to go slack. Contorting those facial muscles in order to flex them, then completely releasing them in order to relax them has actually be shown to encourage the flow of clean oxygenated blood while increasing facial muscular strength, therefore uplifting the muscles and the skin that sits on top of them. Just remember, like your yoga practice-while doing your facial yoga exercises, make sure that you are in a calm and relaxed mental and physical place. No need to encourage new wrinkles to arise!

Here are a few of our favorite Facial Yoga Exercises:

-Sit on a comfortable, straight-back couch or chair. Close your eyes and focus your energy in, listening to the sound of your breath- inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
-Create warmth in your palms by quickly rubbing them together. Once warmer than the rest of your body, place your hot palms over your eyes. Hold them there for several seconds or until the heat cools.

-Place the index and middle fingers of each hand and place them alongside the bridge of your nose.
-Apply slight pressure as you slowly rub your fingers up your forehead, between your eyebrows, then follow the space above your eyes and below your eyebrows while continuing to apply pressure.
-Continue, with less pressure around and below your eye, returning your fingers to your nose. Repeat.

-Just like grandma used to do! Use your thumbs and index fingers to grab small chunks of cheek and gently squeeze.
-Continue all over your cheeks until each fleshy section has been pinched and your apples are slightly flushed.


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