Summer of Love: Screw the Rules!

“There are no good guys in my city.” “All of the guys I meet are idiots.” “Every decent marriage-material man is already married!” “Why is every single guy such a player?”… Sound familiar? It’s so easy to blame your city, men in general, or other factors for your inability to get and keep a good guy. I’m not saying that you are at fault either… though you may be. Most likely the issue isn’t you or him. It’s your strategy. It’s those rules, that list, your set prerequisites that have been leading you astray. Well screw them! There are a lot of great, single, dedicated, faithful, good guys in your town who are looking for a so fab chick exactly like you. It’s time to find, attract, grab and keep him instead of letting some other chick nab him up while you’re looking the other way.

I am so thrilled to be a new dating expert for FabFitFun.com and their Summer of Love series with Fredericks of Hollywood!


Since it is the Summer of Love, I’m wearing a few of my faves…: LOVING the Bloom Black Tie hair band, Sienna Rose tank, and my fave Tiffany necklace that I rarely ever take off… yes, chicks love diamonds.


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