5 Ways to Live Fab for Cheap

You want to live fabulously but sometimes you simply don’t have the budget for it. Here are 5 ways to eat well and look great for less (and even free).

Eat at the Best Restaurants!

If you are a foodie, splurge on a special cheese from the cheese counter of the grocery store then have your girlfriends come over with their fave bottle of wine for a wine and fancy cheese party! Try out the hippest new restaurant… but eat a little dinner first. Grab seats at the posh bar and order a couple of appetizers to share with your girlfriends, plus one fancy cocktail each! Not only will you feel like you are living it up, but you are also staying current and in the know. You can live pay check to pay check and still live well by being cost conscious in all areas except for the few that you choose to splurge on- the areas that make you feel most alive!


Free Tea

Love tea? Instead of paying $2.50 at the restaurant for a tea bag, bring your own favorite selection then order hot water with lemon and put your own bag in! Green tea is something that you should be drinking all day anyway! It’s the ultimate multitasking drink- a natural fat burner and skin beautifier!

Salsa on Your Face! How to get a $150 Spa-quality Facial for $1. Refrigerator Facials!


I’m all about facials, but not at all about spending the insane amount of money it often requires to get one, yet somehow I easily justify getting a massage. Why? Because I can’t give myself a massage, but I CAN give myself a facial. Plus you don’t know what kinds of chemicals are being slathered on your face and, if your skin is anything like my skin, you also don’t know how your skin will respond to those chemicals (I often get an outbreak or even a rash). Ok, so maybe it’s not as relaxing, and, no I don’t have all of the fancy oxygenating and electrifying machines… but I do have Tomato and Lemon! When blended, tomato and lemon are an acidic combination that is perfect for de-congesting and balancing the skin. It is especially great for oily, acne-prone, stressed-out skin. Lemon is also a skin lightener and can help to balance areas of hyper-pigmentation.

How to Make a Salsa Facial:
-Puree or dice 1 fresh tomato.
-Mix it with 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.
-Apply the soupy combination to your face and let it sit for 5 minutes.
-Rinse it off with warm water.
-Follow with your favorite nourishing moisturizer!


Free Beauty Products AND a Party!

A great way to bond with girlfriends and score awesome beauty products for FREE is a beauty buffet. Invite all your girlfriends over. Ask each chick to come with all of her unwanted beauty products. We all have products that we tried once and didn’t like. Not to mention the loads of freebies and gift-with-purchase that we just toss into a bag never to look at again. Those products may not have worked with your skin type or tone, but one woman’s trash is another’s treasure! On the day of your Beauty and Fitness Buffet, clear all surfaces in one room and cover the tabletops, counters, and stools with pink, red, white, or even animal print tablecloths. Add candles, framed photos of girlfriends, disposable cameras (or a couple of digital camera if you have them), little signs designating the product category for each location, and of course, your own beauty products. Let the swapping and gossiping begin.


Your New (old) Wardrobe

If you’re female, odds are you have too many clothes. Make a night of shopping in your closet. Try on every single item. Make the “Yes,” “No” and “Maybe” pile. Test every separate with each other (it can be time consuming, but it’s worth it). Take notes of the looks and complete outfits that you like. Take photos of yourself in them if it helps! I know… so 8th grade. But it’s a great way to change up your style and stop wearing the same 5 rotating outfits each week. You’ll be amazed at what you rediscover and what you realize you should have donated decades ago!


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