Fat-Burning, Mood-Boosting, Acne-Ridding, Anti-Aging!!! YES, Grapefruit Obsessed

Grapefruit isn’t just a tangy citrus served best with breakfast. More than a pucker-provoking fruit, the grapefruit- a hybrid between a large sour citrus fruit called the shaddock and the sweet orange, serves several specific purposes- the seeds, skin, pulp, juice and all. To really reap grapefruit’s natural rewards, be sure to buy organic from a farmer’s market or local nature food store, or better yet, grow your own—tastes less tart and comes without chemicals.

The Natural Fat-Burning Bites w/Benefits Fruit
There’s a reason for the old-fashioned grapefruit diet. Citrus is great at fat breakdown and digestion. A natural fat-fighter, Vitamin C helps minimize fats’ effectiveness, actually liquefying the sticky stuff and making it less likely to latch on and bulk you up. Most citrus fruits will work, but my beloved grapefruit works best.

Grapefruit Essential Oils Banish the Blues
Deeply imbedded in the outer peel of the fruit lies the grapefruit’s essential oil glands. If extracted carefully, a ton of fruit produces 1.5 pounds of oil suitable for aromatherapy purposes. Cheerful, invigorating, energetic and even slightly euphoric, grapefruit essential oil can help banish the blues.

Apply Grapefruit to the Skin to Rid Acne
When applied to the skin, grapefruit extract simultaneously stimulates, purifies, and, packs a naturally powerful antiseptic punch against even the most pesky pimples.

Pink Grapefruit Scent Makes you Look Younger
A recent study by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation touts the age defying benefits of this tangy orb. Participants in a study looked at photos of models, guessing their ages while wearing scented masks. The pink grapefruit odor caused the subjects to shave several years off of their age estimations.

Eat Grapefruit to Fight Infections
Grapefruit seed extract, derived from the seeds, membranes, and pulp of the fruit, have an extraordinary ability to perform both internally and externally against many bacterial and fungal infections by stimulating the immune system and helping to alkalize the body.

See why I’m OBSESSED?!

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