Look Like You Lost 5lbs Overnight w/These Belly De-Puffing Foods to Eat & Avoid

Since it is literally impossible to drop poundage on a day’s notice, yet you still want to look as if you’ve “lost weight,” your best bet is to go for a decrease in circumference… through water loss. Here are foods that can help do the trick. Um… make sure you choose organic- it’s even better for you (not to mention the planet):
“Diuretic” Foods to Encourage De-Puffing
-Celery Seed
-Cranberry Juice
-Green Tea
-Dandelion leaf tea (also helps in detoxification and urinary tract infections)
-Juniper Berries

 High Water Foods that, yes, Help Eliminate Excess Water
Eating high water content foods is another way to increase the elimination of excess fluid retention. I know, counter-intuitive:
-Brussels Sprouts
-Tomatoes (also aid metabolism)

Potassium-rich foods actually counterbalance the puffing qualities of salt and alcohol, acting as a mild diuretic. Here’s a list of potassium-rich foods that you should slip into your diet right now.
-Beets and Beet greens
-Butternut Squash
-Dried Apricots
-Orange juice
-Unsalted Almonds


The average American should eat no more than 2300 mg of sodium daily. To help edit your intake, avoid:

1) Processed foods from packages, cans. Be sure to buy reduced sodium versions when possible. Most soups and broths have reduced sodium options that are readily available.

2) Many canned soups have increased sodium, some have lower sodium alternatives.

3) Limit frozen entrees. If you need to eat frozen entrees, be sure to look for those with less than 800 mg for the entire meal/entree.

4) Avoid excessive condiments. Use no more than 2 Tbsp of bottled salad dressing and 1 Tbsp of condiments like barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise (make sure to choose the light version when available).

5) Avoid sodium nitrates in many lunch meats (which can have 400 mg per slice) which increase inflammation in the body. Buy the low salt turkey at the deli counter.

6) Avoid concentrated refined sugars. For every gram you ingest, your body retains three grams of fluid.

In the end, don’t be afraid of the shaker, it’s not your enemy, in fact the flavor punch from the salt might make you feel satisfied faster, so that you eat less fat and calories in the end.

Even a small meal can give your tummy a little bloat. But you can hide it by wearing…

Empire Waist: The dress will cinch you just below your breasts, making them look larger and detracting from your stomach. An empire waist dress is also loose on the stomach, so you don’t need to feel that little tug just because you grabbed one too many stuffed mushrooms.

Belted Waist: It both reminds you not to eat too much (since you feel the cinch) and draws attention to the skinniest part of your stomach. You can also try a cute printed top tucked into a skirt. It’s comfortable, statement making, yet not stomach attention grabbing.

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