8 Tips to Keep Your Summer Mani/Pedi from Cracking & Chipping...

You minimized your makeup, shed a few layers of clothes and maybe even a few pounds. When it comes to summer beauty, you’re pretty much “what you see is what you get.” Summer is all about simplicity, but with simplicity comes honing in on the details. You might not be wearing much makeup, so you want your face to look flawless underneath. You aren’t wearing much clothing, so you want your skin to be sloughed of dead cells. The one place where you can rock color and really make a statement is your nails. Let them shine!

Here’s how to tend to them:

1. STOP BITING! If it’s your nervous habit, find another one. A good way to stop from gnawing your nails is by swathing them with nail polish. Every bite you take removes a chip of color. And although the chipped look is still in, the nubby look never was.

2. Strengthen the Naked Nail! Before you apply polish, put a layer of nail strengthener on the naked nail. I like One Minute Manicure Nail Strengthener.

3. Two Coats of Color. Once the nail strengthener dries, apply two layers of color- to get the full richness! Choose something that gets you out of your box, something different that excites you each time you flash your fingers in front of your face. Your nail polish is a great place to take fashion risks and really have fun. Rock the neon trend or try a shade that matches your favorite flower!

4. Top it Off. Once the color dries, it’s time for the top coat to minimize chipping, add extra shine, and fortify the polish. I like Jessica Diamonds Top Coat.

5. Not into Nail Polish? Try nail gels like Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The thin stick-on nail colors are like decals that allow you to show off flowers, polka dots, intricate designs, or just fun colors. Unlike old school press-on nails, these are thin and flexible, easily laying on your nails like polish, then lasting for days, sometimes even weeks!

6. Use SPF. ALWAYS wear hand cream with spf when outside. Even if you aren’t laying out in the sun, your hands are always exposed to the rays- especially when driving a car.

7. Bedtime Prep. Before you go to bed put on a super rich night hand cream that will deeply nourish your skin.

8. Exfoliate! Once a week, use your body scrub and exfoliate your fingers and top of your hands to slough off the dead skin. Removing dead skin also allows all of the lotion that you have been putting on to actually soak in.


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