Relationship Tips for Smart Chicks: Break Ups, First Dates, and Wedding Bells.

Big date, beach day, “awesome” reunion where your ex-BF will be?… You make it a point to cut your calories in hopes of shaving off a few pounds from your hips.

Heart-wrenching breakup? Those cartons of ice cream suddenly become your best friend- screw the thighs! Hot and heavy dating can lead to sexy and sticky nights of chocolate dripping and whipped cream from your skin.

He Proposes! You go on major diet mode. Just married and mealtime become your treasured bonding moments with your hubby. When it comes to love and heartbreak, food plays a major role.

Instead of going so yo-yo, start looking at food from a multitasking perspective. We’re expected to be multitaskers, it’s time to put our food to task too- by not just gorging or grazing, but eating Bites with Benefits. Yes, foods can do more than just fill and fatten you up. They can actually help to trim you down, up your energy, even ease a broken heart. Here are a few of my favorite ways to celebrate love and help make heartbreak not hurt so much…

Before a promising first date…

Have a pre-date de-puffing foundation food- like a banana or half a baked yam- no butter no salt. Next, slip on your Power Panties!

Why? The problem with dating, particularly “drinks dates,” is that you are generally going out on an empty stomach. Then you’re drinking with an empty stomach. Not a good thing. Why? Because you could way too easily get wasted and not be yourself. So you might want it eat first right? But if the drinks date goes so well that it turns into a dinner date, you don’t want to have already eaten dinner. Then you’ve eaten dinner twice and you feel bloated and sick. OR you order a salad, don’t eat much, and look like a typical picky eating chick. Also bad. Instead, eat SOMEthing that gives your stomach a foundation. Even better, eat something with Bites with Benefits- like de-puffing. Potassium helps to pull out puff. Both the banana and the yam set a base in your stomach so that you can drink and not be an instantly drunk freak.

And the Power Panties? Men have Power Ties. Well, we have Power clothes too. Ours are just a little different…  According to Feng Shui belief, wearing something red can up your “wow” factor, arouse self-confidence, energetically emit power and attract luck. But you can’t always wear a red outfit, or even a red accessory. So… wear red panties to take your confidence to a whole new level. This isn’t about looking sexy for him. Nope, this is all about you- feeling sexy!

After a broken heart…

Indulge in a chocolate banana milk shake with low fat milk (or soy milk)! Prefer something crunchy?  Eat popchips low fat sundae while blasting “Another one bites the dust” by Queen.

Why? Serotonin, often called the “cuddle hormone” is produced when you feel loved and comforted. You don’t need a pair of arms to produce this feeling of comfort! Low fat milk and soymilk both do the trick just fine! Chocolate helps release endorphins- happy chemicals in your brain. While bananas are packed with potassium, a naturally de-puffing food that also help calm the nerves and ease the mind. Of course, make it all low fat because there’s no reason to destroy the diet just because you were dumped. There’s another fab guy around the corner. Always be at your best, but allow the mini splurge to mend your heart for now. Create an intention board of what you’re really looking for in a guy. Because he wasn’t perfect. In fact, he was flawed in many ways. Here’s the recipe for the so fab popchips sundae

When your ex starts dating a supermodel…

Delete his number, block him on facebook, and go on match, eharmony, Jdate, and every other dating site STAT! Yes, it costs money, but investing a bit on yourself- particularly your sanity, is essential. Plus it’s much better than taking it out on your body and going the opposite direction of his new stick skinny girlfriend. Have a couple of girlfriends come over, and have a glass (or several) of rose champagne while creating your profiles.

Why? First of all- the champagne is a lower calorie alcoholic beverage. It’s a much better choice, calorically, than something like a margarita (which can have as many as 5x the calories). And while you’re bummed, why not lighten the mood with a pink and bubbly drink- onward and upward!
Blocking him on FB also… blocks you so that you can no longer see his wall and obsess over the new pics. Even if you’re not ready to date yet, getting yourself back out there can help you get over him faster as you realize that there are some seriously hot and seriously fab guys still out there. Even if you aren’t ready to date, just browsing all the guys late at night will keep you upbeat and minimize your late night loneliness.

When your man proposes…

Celebrate with spicy skinny mojitos (I call them “jalapenitos”)- they are spicy, naturally fat-burning (giving you a jump start on your wedding dress diet), strong and seriously tasty. And party with your girls! Here’s a recipe for the jalapenitos!


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