Cellulite? So What! Like Scarlett Johansson, You can STILL be SERIOUSLY SEXY!

I’m not posting this to make fun of Scarlett… I’m posting it to show you and everyone else that you’re not the only one. That, cellulite or not, you can still have a rockin’ body and over the top sex appeal!

Fact is that 85% of women- both fat and thin, have cellulite! Another little-known fact about cellulite: it’s not fat’s fault. Which is actually bad news because since it’s not a fat problem, dieting and exercise is not the curative… but it can help minimize the appearance and fight it off before it attacks in the first place.

Cellulite is free-floating fat cells that have penetrated a weakened lattice of connective tissue bands separating the layer of normal fat from the dermis (the middle layer of skin), and have become trapped just below the surface of the skin. There are 3 causes of the sticky stuff:
-Hormones (which is why men infrequently get it)
-Genetics (Thanks a lot mom!)
-Lifestyle (that’s all on you).

Similar to diabetes and hypertension, despite its prevalence, doctors have yet to find a definitive cure for cellulite. However, they have come up with some incredibly effective techniques to manage it, slowing the occurrence, minimizing the appearance, and strengthening slackened tissues.


The best way to help prevent and slow the spread of cellulite is by strengthening the fibers of the connective tissues through healing, tightening, and hydrating so that the escaped fat cells can’t permeate the dermis even more. Sure, topicals and medical treatments can help tame the sticky situation… for a pretty penny; or you can take a lifestyle approach that includes Diet, Exercise, and Sun Protection.


There are certain bites with benefits that naturally help strengthen connective tissues, repair cell membranes and increase circulation, all essential components to cellulite management. A few diet suggestions include:
•    Whole Grain and Fruit Breakfast- to boost antioxidant levels.
•    Stay Hydrated- to keep your tissues and cells supple.
•    Eggs– the yolk is filled with lecithin which helps strengthen connective tissue. Eat 2 eggs each week.
•    Soybeans and Seaweed- both are boosted by lecithin
•    Diet Rich in Raw Fruits and Vegetables- filled with both water and nutrients.
•    Goji Berry Snacks- The “wonder fruit” is bursting with amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and fights off free radicals which have a direct affect on aging and skin integrity.

Try these Foods that FIGHT Cellulite


Exercise encourages better circulation, which can help get things (like fat cells) moving. But more than that, it minimizes the appearance of cellulite because, if you lose weight, there is less surface area to display the stuff. Here are the best exercises to help with cellulite:
•    Cardio- cardio is the best weight loss exercise that helps burn fat and lose weight so there’s less surface area to display the cellulite.
•    Explosive Exercises- to really engage the cellulite affected area. Like what? Reverse Lunge with a Leg Lift, Step Ups w/ a Leg Lift.
•    Isometric Exercises- static exercises to hone in on the affected area and make it really burn. Like what? Single Leg Plank, Wall Sit, Airplane- a great isometric Yoga pose.

Try These Exercises that FIGHT Cellulite

Minimize Sun Exposure

I know, it’s time to slip into that teeny weeny bikini, but you want to remember to slather on the SPF first. Why? UV rays can destroy connective tissue, causing blood vessels to weaken, and making cellulite more visible. I know… tanned skin seems to hide the appearance of cellulite, but instead of jeopardizing your skin’s integrity, use spray tans or self-tanning creams to create a smoother appearance.

What do the Dr.’s say?

Dr. Howard Murad, a board-certified dermatologist who is known as one of the most preeminent authorities on skincare, a trained pharmacist, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA, and author of The Cellulite Solution, says that, “Cellulite is a cosmetic problem, but more than that, it is a medical problem, a progressive condition that worsens as we age. It can be managed, but there is no cure.” It is similar to other medical conditions in that, “If you have diabetes, you can mange it. If you have acne you can treat it. There is no cure for hypertension either. Those conditions are managed.” Dr. Michael Omidi, also known as “Dr. 90210” from E’s Dr. 90210 and a broadly trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, certified by the American Board of Surgery and co-directors of Pacific Surgical and Laser Institute in Los Angeles (the country’s largest) regularly sees patients who plead to have their cellulite cured (particularly during the summer months). But, admits Dr. Omidi, “The biggest problem with cellulite treatments is that there really aren’t any great treatments. There are some good options out there, but they are temporary fixes. Really, the only thing that can help prevent and fix cellulite is if you strengthen the fibers of the connective tissues and make it so that the fat can’t permeate into the dermis.”

Heal, Strengthen, Hydrate

In order to effectively treat cellulite you need to heal, strengthen and hydrate the cells and connective tissue in your body. Dr. Murad takes an inclusive approach to harnessing cellulite, which includes topical (in-office and at-home treatments), internal (a daily regimen of supplements, hydration and proper nutrition), and emotional care (yoga, exercise). His belief system is based around, what he refers to as, the “Water Principle.” This theory illustrates the proven fact that, as we age our body’s ability to utilize the water that we ingest declines. Dr. Murad realized that instead of settling into the cells and connective tissues, much of the water we drink either passes right through our system or it occupies vacant space between our tissues and cells causing our eyes to appear puffy, and ankles to swell. When cells are dehydrated they are unable to optimally function, they weaken and begin to deteriorate. When the lattice of bands that separate normal fat from the dermis begins to slacken, buoyant fat cells are more apt to permeate the vulnerable connective tissue, seep into the dermis, and push up against the surface layer of skin. When rehydrated, water is forced back inside the cells and connective tissue, the epidermis is strengthened, and cellulite is no longer a visible problem plaguing the skin.

Cellulite or not, don’t be afraid to flaunt your gorgeous body… celebs do, and they have cellulite too.

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