Celeb-Inspired Home Style on a Budget

Need a little home style inspiration? Take a cue from these celebs and transform your surroundings from “eh” to Oh WOW!

Kim Kardashian

Kim likes to make a statement with both her curves and her style. She isn’t subtle. What you see is what you get. Who she is, what’s she’s about is on display. Always wearing fab shoes is one of her signature statements.
AT HOME: Be inspired by Kim’s on display type of way and stop hiding your shoes in your closet or stuffing them into closet rack-hanging pockets. Treat them like the show pieces that they are and place them on fancy shelves or shoe racks along your bedroom wall or even in your entry way as art. Shoes are beautiful. Show them off! Just keep them neat and organize them by color- light to dark: white to silver to gold to yellow to red to purple to brown to black.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina’s new diamond ring, with its elongated tablet shaped center diamond, flanked by smaller faceted rectangular diamonds graduating in size along the band. Seems a stylish marriage of 80s and art deco. Jolie in general prefers neutral tones, yet her style still steals the show thanks to little things like entire thigh revealing poses and stacked diamond rings. She makes a statement though subtlety.
AT HOME: Steal her style and create an equally stunning statement with your foyer. It’s the first and last thing you see when entering or leaving your home, so make it special. Use layers of mirrors, framing them, lining them, even stacking them. Select mirrored furniture to add some function- a place to put down keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and mail. More than making a statement, mirrors create the illusion of more space, transforming a small stuffy hallway into a grander room.

Jessica Biel
Jessica and Justin are finally going to tie the knot! The lovebirds, who have long escaped to Italy for romantic getaways, and are looking to Europe as a possible destination for their wedding.
AT HOME: Infuse Italy’s sexy appeal into your own life by framing vintage Italian-style wallpaper. It’s an inexpensive way to transform a room, add some color, and imbue a certain place and time without the financial expense or enduring commitment of actually papering your walls. Look on ebay for wallpaper that inspires you or you can use decorative art papers from your neighborhood art supply store too.

Adam Levine
You might not consider Adam Levine as particularly stylish. But Architectural Digest definitely does. His home was recently featured, showing off his dark walled bedroom- a trend that is surprisingly sophisticated and polished and helps keep you sleeping even when the sun’s out.
AT HOME: Paint is an easy and inexpensive statement maker. Go to your local home supply store, check out the paint samples, take a few home with you and see how each looks hanging on your bedroom wall. Do the colors match your décor? Do they match your personality? If you’re not ready to take the leap, paint just one wall in your room or even paint a large canvas with the hue and hang it up. It’s very Rothko.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is known for her bikini-clad vacations in Mexico. Soaking in the sun on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and slipping in some yoga to stay in shape.
AT HOME: Transform your home (or just your bedroom) into your own Mexican oasis by blowing up a big landscape photograph of the beach onto a canvas and hanging into on your wall. The canvas adds texture and dimension, making it feel more dimensional and realistic and less glossy photograph. You will wake up every morning in your favorite city. Take it one step further by painting your floor ocean blue – yes painting. Paint is easier to clean than a rug and you can control the color, size and pattern. If you want, add a little sand into the paint to create texture. Not ready to go quite that far? Take mason jars and fill them with collected sand. Each one with the sand from a different beach. If you find it, fill another mason jar with collected sea glass to add some color. It’s an easy and free way to bring a little bit of your vacation home with you, and a souvenir that you will actually cherish instead of sell at your next garage sale.


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