What to Eat for: Good Date, Bad Date, Heart Break

When it comes to the heart, food plays a major role.

LOVE:  Food can be very sexy. Hot melted chocolate that fills your mouth decadent warmth then slowly drips down the back of your throat… Sweet whipped cream licked off your fingertips…

HEARTBREAK:  Food can be very comforting. After a bad date or a heart-ripping breakup, food can be there to console you.

Problem is… then you wake up the next reality-checking morning and you’re faced with the diet-damaging remnants. Of course, an occasional splurge is part of a healthy balanced life. however, sometimes you can take it too far and become a serial offender, seeking solace or celebration out of calorie-loaded treats that love your ass as much as you love them.

Time to edit your temptations. You can still feel like you’re splurging without devouring a day’s worth of calories in a single sitting… with popchips. Ok, yes I am obsessed with these crunchy, flavor-overflowing, low calorie snacks. I’m not sure if my 3 fave new desserts further drives that insane obsession home or instead supports the root of my insanity- that they are just so delicious and versatile that they deserve to be obsessed over. Regardless… these desserts are so simply delicious they might actually be genius!



churro’ish popchip heaven- 116 calories
1 bag sweet potato popchips (or original)  + 1 packet sugar + cinnamon… shake in bag (eat if you want immediate gratification- clearly (as the quickie chick) I’m all about it… or wait just 20 more seconds and microwave them and you will be happy you did! You will swear these popchips taste fatty and fried- but they are lean and fab! Don’t be embarrassed to stick your fingers in the bag and lick em (that’s what I do).


s’mores- 40 calories
2 sweet potato popchips w/ churro recipe + ½ big marshmallow + ½ chocolate kiss
microwave 20 seconds
they are perfect bite-sized s’mores- total gems.

EITHER make with your date OR after a break-up

sweet & spicy dessert nachos -146 calories
1 bag sweet potato popchips w/ churro recipe + 2 tbsp light whipped cream + 2 tbsp non-fat chocolate pudding + cayenne pepper + sprinkles…
Now this is a decadent dessert that is perfect- I mean, total post-break up perfection. It might almost be worth breaking up with someone just so you can have this dessert… ok, so maybe a little extreme. But still, you’ve got to indulge in this ultimate popchips dessert!

because love (and even heartbreak) should be sweet.

xx Laurel House


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