Structured Fashion

contributed by The Smoking Nuns

It’s interesting to see how trends come and go in a sense of opposition to each other. One day there is a desire for soft diaphanous silhouettes, the next it’s the need for the hard lines of structured garments. There is something extremely appealing about the later. The couture-like quality of detail in the construction of silhouettes, such as the peplum and the exaggerated shoulder, bring an aura of drama to what you’re wearing. And don’t we all need a little drama in our lives?

These hard lines that we speak of can be achieved through the construction of a garment, as well as the distinct lines that are created by color-blocking or jewelry placement. Even the cut of a lapel has the capability to transform you into a high-ranking official with its severe angles.  And because it is the one trend that allows you to manipulate the shape of your body, structural garments, we here at the smoking nuns salute you.


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