Smart Shopping Tools & Tricks to Save Time & Money

Contributed by BeFrugal

Who doesn’t want to shop smarter and conserve some precious time and money?
In 2012 we all have computers and devices galore.  Put them to good use to be more efficient with your shopping.
With these tricks, they can be powerful tools you can use for shopping and research. Here are some insider tips:

•    Lots of smart shoppers plan out their shopping with a list of what they need. In addition to using your list when you go to the store, use your handy list when you shop online to shave time off this task. Use a site’s search feature to quickly identify what you need, add to cart, cross off your list and move on to the next item. You’ll be done in a flash!
•    On the topic of shopping online, here’s my best piece of advice: Whenever possible, make each of your purchases online. You will save more time and money. Here’s why:

1. You avoid wasting time and gas driving to the store only to forget why you went there or not be able to find what you went there for.
2. There is no sales pressure online to buy additional items – whether it’s impulse buys at the register or shoes to match that new dress – as there often is in stores.
3. You avoid the embarrassment of deciding at the cash register to put something back. Nobody sees you emptying out your electronic cart on the computer. Also, the electronic cart during online shopping is a helpful guide to keep your budget in mind throughout your shopping.
4. You can quickly and easily find free coupon codes online to save money.
5. In addition to online coupon codes, you can earn cash back for free when you shop through a savings website.
6. For even more savings, use a rewards credit card to accumulate points or earn more cash back.

•    Even if you plan to go to the store, before you head out the door, look online for savings opportunities using that shopping list. Check out weekly ads online for stores near you to spot sales. You don’t need to ship through the Sunday paper. They are all online. This will save you time and help you focus on only going to the stores you plan to save money at.
•    When it comes to meals, plan ahead and save. If you intend to go to the store for groceries or dine out, search online for free printable coupons for groceries and restaurants. You can even print them out and leave them in your purse or car so you are prepared.


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