Pastel Colorblocking

posted by the Smoking Nuns

The idea of color-blocking connotes a sense of the bold and daring with its sharp lines and stark contrasts.  Therefore the highly saturated hues of the rainbow are traditionally picked over those of lighter pigment to create this unmistakably strong look.

But what happens when you approach this technique with softer hues of the season?

Pastels are coming in huge waves currently thanks to the designs at Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. There is a desire to be out and about in your Sunday best, the ultra-feminine version with all its bells and whistles. This spring, nothing works better than piling on the pastels like ice cream scoops, just as Louis Vuitton did for their Spring 2012 advertisement.  The end result?  A subtly complex ensemble that while fierce, is as sweet as sugar.


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