Lacy Tank: Clothes I Really Hate w/ Louise Roe and Laurel House

What do you do with clothes that you spent WAAAAAY to much money on… and then never wear? Instead of leaving it out of sight and out of mind (and no longer a constant reminder of my waste of money) in the back of the closet, pull it out and take a risk by wearing it! Not sure how? Ask a friend what she would wear it with.

I was lucky enough to ask the so fab Louise Roe from “Plain Jane” and the host of LookTV’s “Clothes I Hate.” She inspired me to wear this too lacy top which I had always been nervous to go out in, fearing that I looked like a slut due to it’s lingerie look. When I swapped out the black bra for a nude one (which somehow made the lace more discreet), and paired it with a high waist skirt and a so fab tailored blazer, suddenly the top went from expensive but somehow trashy, to expensive and perfection.

What do you have in your closet that is paining you?


Watch Behind-the-Scenes of the style shoot when I had the QuickieChick cam rolling to pick up another perspective…


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