How to Flirt

One of the main areas of importance when it comes to flirting is making your prey (for lack of a better word) feel like a total stud. And remember, just because it’s how guys are wired, when he first sees you, he’s thinking about how you will be in bed. You don’t want to come across as a spazz, a bore, or an attention whore. You want to come across as fun, light, passionate, maybe slightly wild, interesting, experienced- but not too experienced, and able to let go.

Here’s how:
*Smile just a little bit, then momentarily stare (not glare… stare.). Smile softly with both your eyes and your mouth. Before it gets awkward, look away and jump right back into what you were doing or the conversation you were having before you just couldn’t help yourself but stare for a moment too long at him…
*You don’t have to wait for him to come and talk to you. Don’t be shy, you can go over and say hello.
* Don’t be a wall flower. When talking to him, show passion and joie de vivre.
*Interested and interesting- you are interested in his stories and what he has to say and tell him stories that are interesting so that he is equally interested in what you have to say.
*Don’t talk about shopping, how great you are, how much you love cats, what a horrible day you had, or how much you hate your job.
*Challenge him a little, verbally spar with him if you feel he’s up for it and you can maintain your ground.
*Be effervescent yet deep.
*Keep the topics light but not superficial.
*Be Smart. If you have particular knowledge about a topic he brings up, give him just a taste of your insight, showing him that you have something to offer, but without making him feel like he is being schooled.
*Don’t look dumb. Don’t play with your hair, pop your gum, or say “like” too much.
*Make and keep eye contact.
*DO NOT play the “is there someone better over your shoulder” game. Do NOT do the look over their shoulder glance to see if someone else might be of more appealing. Hone in, focus, listen, engage, touch his arm on occasion, be totally present in that moment. Some people don’t mean to play that game. Catch yourself. It’s rude.
*Be Cool. Simultaneously, do NOT be overly into him, aggressive, obnoxious, or make a scene. Maintain control.


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