The New Skinny on Horizontal Stripes (like Kim Kardashian's new maxi)

This is all about how to cheat horizontal stripes. In other words, how to force them to make you look super fab (not fat).

Cheating isn’t always such a bad thing. But you can’t successfully pull it off unless you know what you’re doing. When it comes to horizontal stripes, there’s definitely a fine line between getting away with it and becoming just another victim of cliché.

Kim Kardashian show us just how fab Horizontal Stripes can be in her new maxi sold at Sears!

The Scarlet Letter of Fashion Styles?
Beyond making you “look fat,” horizontal stripes have historically had a checkered past. From being associated with prostitutes in the Middles Ages to old school clowns, and then of course prison clothing starting in the 1800’s so that inmates would stand out in a crowd (in case of an escape) and to make them feel stupid, seems the stripes have received scarlet lettered repute.

Trends That Escaped the Phobia
Still, somehow the nautical look remains a timeless trend, Bandage dresses discreetly stripe our bodies skinny, and the uber-popular Lululemon yoga pants are known for the bold colors on the double banded waistlines- the last place you’d want to display an exaggerating pattern.

Every “Rule” Has It’s Exceptions
So, really, are horizontal stripes fattening or do they just have a bad rep? Studies show that the reputation is worse than reality (isn’t that always the case?). But if you’re still scared to give them a shot, here’s the skinny on how to most slimmingly wear horizontal stripes:

1.    Loose-Fitting Sweater/Skinny Jeans: A loose top and tight jeans are a surprisingly sexy contrast. Better yet, if your top is wide-necked and slips off the shoulder, pair it with a bright-colored skinny strap bra for a sexy point of focus. Total throw-back to the 80s.

2.    Add A Blazer: Adding a solid blazer on top of a horizontal striped shirt creates the illusion of a slim and long torso while acting as an underline to your most important feature- your face. Make sure to wear a fitted blazer that shows off your curves and has a slight taper at the waist. If you are wearing black and white stripes and a black blazer, throw in some POC (pop of color) by wearing a hot pink pair of peep toe stilettos.

3.    Stripes and White: White, another tainted fashion color that is said to accentuate and add girth, seems to have the opposite affect when paired with stripes. Maybe the two cancel each other out. White jeans, slacks or shorts paired with a horizontal striped top creates an overall tailored, slim, and put together look. Better yet, if you have a tight stomach wear a “baby tee” that’s not too tight but shows just a bit of your belly for a sexy, casual, “just hanging out on my yacht all day” style.

4.    V-Neck: A v-neck naturally emphasizes the bust, highlights the face, and helps create the illusion of a tapered stomach. It also breaks up horizontal stripes, creating a focal point- literally.

5.    Keep Your Stripes Straight: Make sure that your stripes aren’t stretching in any too-tight places (like your stomach or bust), or wrinkling over the stomach. Pull the top straight from the bottom hem of the shirt. If the top is simply too tight over a certain area, forcing the stripes in that spot to widen, opt for a larger size. Believe me, a bigger size will make you look smaller, and a smaller size will make you look bigger.

Now get out of your rigid box and your “I can’t wear that” mentality and just try it on. Give it a chance. You might be surprised by how good “that’s not my style” fashions actually look on you. The trick is to do what suits your body best. Forget what’s trendy, and first decide if it looks good on your shape.

And that’s how to cheat… horizontal stripes.


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