Time to Chill Out! Yogic Valium

The guy behind you is riding your bumper like a cowboy rides a bull. You have fifteen frantic emails from your boss buzzing in on your blackberry. The woman in front of you, whose grey hair barely peeks over the steering wheel, has the annoying propensity to unnecessarily brake every few seconds. The idea of laying on the horn and blowing everyone away is tempting. Which is why someone has got to create my most brilliant invention to date: a horn that, when pushed, mists the driver’s face with naturally calming lavender essential oil. But no. So instead, take a valium. A yogic valium.

Taking off to far-away countries and pamper-promising spas offer momentary interludes from the frenetic fast lane of life that we have, for some odd reason, voluntarily merged onto. While excusing yourself entirely and escaping to a land far far away from life’s frenzied flow is permissible on occasion, daily interludes- even just a minute of serenity, can help alleviate unnecessary stress.

While it may be too easy to take a little white pill and wash our woes away, you can actually find ease in a single-pose yogic solution. Valium now comes in the form of a breath. Follow the lead of yoga-mat toting celebrities who practice mind-easing yogic solutions.

Yogic Valium: Meditation on the White Swan

-Sit up straight in easy pose (legs crossed “Indian style”).

-Make fists with your hands and hold them up, palms facing out, 6 inches away from

your eyes.

-Extend your thumbs and press the tips firmly together until they become white.

-Let the last joint of the thumb relax and bend down, pointing towards the floor.

-Stare at the white tips of your thumbs.

-Close your eyes and mentally see your thumb tips.

-Breathe deeply.

-On the inhale say to yourself, “Sat,” (truth) and on the exhale say to yourself, “Nam”

(identity). Combined, Sat Nam means “truth is my identity.”

-Repeat for 5 to 11 minutes

Ease off on the unnecessary mind-numbing pills and instead pop a dose of yoga.


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