Spring Time is Party Time

contributed by Style Expert- Julia Blythe

There are endless excuses to invite people over for a party. Whether it’s a birthday, you have a great new roommate, it’s premiere night of your favorite TV show, or you’re happy it’s spring… start making your guest list and editing your playlist because you’re having a party!

Us QuickieChicks can’t get enough of pinterest and the endless curated collections of the beautiful and quirky alike. Here are some DIYs for your next party. Entice your friends and roommates with treats, music and good convo to make these cute and festive party accessories.

*Hanging Tissue Pom Pom Flowers

*DIY Felt Party Props

*Photo Collage

(this likely wouldn’t say 50; have it say “xo”, the guest of honor’s name, or echo the theme of the party)

*DIY Life-Size (meaning, the size of a person) Paper Flowers (main photo)
(ok maybe this one is for the die hard crafter)

*Flower-Filled Bottles

(get your friends to bring in their bottles before they end up in the recycler. For flowers, the farmers market should have every color at great prices)


Julia Blythe is the Art Department Coordinator for 3 ABC Family Television shows including “Switched at Birth,” “Jane By Design,” and “Make It or Break It,” with her first art department gig on HBO’s “Big Love.” Known for her funky fashion choices, she works her eclectic magic by styling both on-screen rooms and personal wardrobes. To Julia, it’s all about individual pieces (be it from thrift stores or couture showrooms) that form the whole, and inspiration.


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