Forget the House! Spring Clean Your Head...Got 30 Minutes? Call a Psychic!


When it comes down to it, what is stopping you from cleaning your kitchen, tossing out that junk in the corner, and overhauling your closet? It’s not that you seriously have zero time (because somehow you found the time to watch The Bachelor and now The Voice seems to be accommodated too). It’s all in your head.

So before you can truly tackle the clutter that you pretend not to see but really irks you every time you allow your eyes to accidentally sweep across it, you have to clear your head. Not to worry, the daunting task actually has a quick and easy fix, a couple of them actually, depending on “how much time” and how much money you wanted to invest in your sanity- which, for me BTW, is probably where I spend the majority of my discretionary income. This is a 3 parter… 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 weekend…

Got 30 MINUTES? Call a Psychic

Yes, I am the chick who time and time again has said “I just wish I had a crystal ball!” Sometimes when you are at a point where you are practically incapacitated from stress and circling questions that you become totally unproductive despite the fact that productivity is EXACTLY what you need right now in order to help get you out of debt, minimize the overwhelming pile of work in front of you, or finally move forward and sever your ties with an unhealthy ex who you can’t help but still have a well of feelings for (however unhealthy and downright toxic the relationship was).

Sure, your friends, your therapist, or your mentor are great when it comes to advice, guidance, counseling, or just an outlet for you to puke your issues onto. But no matter how much they try, they are still slightly biased AND while they can surmise what the future may hold with “if” “then” scenarios… they really don’t know. And that’s when you, or at least I, call a psychic. Sure, there are probably more nut jobs than not, and even with those who truly do have that intuitive instinct, a portion of their vision is based not on you, but on their own experiences and situations. But sometimes you find someone who seems to hit the nail on the head. I mean, we are talking about the future after all, so how are you supposed to know how accurate it is when you are still in the present?

Danish, whose website tagline is “your life is guided… clarify,” was recommended to me by a friend. She’s one of those modern psychics who you schedule an appointment with online (or, if you have a personal reference, you can text her). We texted, I then went to her website and paypal’d the 30 minute fee, then awaited her call. She started by absolutely nailing, I mean to the “T” two of my exes- their exact personalities, quirks, habits and vices. She tackled relationship stuff so insanely on point that I didn’t even want to tap into the business questions I had. Once our 30 minutes was up, I asked if I could schedule another call later that evening so we could get to the business matters that I had questions about.

Is it all true what she said? I don’t know. But she definitely helped give me an unbiased perspective and I hung up aware of what was blocking me, holding me back., keeping me up late at night, and occupying my subconscious headspace. She explained that I had hooks in my heart with the other side of the string being held by someone in past, and simultaneously I was holding the end of strings with hooks in their hearts back. And even though it was hard and painful and sad, and I really didn’t want to let go of that hook in him, or unhook his hold on me… I needed to. Danish helped me find the power and words to do it. Once off the leash, you are free to just be… and that’s exactly what I needed at that moment. I needed to find comfort in momentary pain, and liberate myself with the knowing that this too shall pass- as they say. It hurts to rip off the band-aid, and it may take a short bit to get used to the feeling of the now exposed skin, but soon that skin is stronger, even if faintly scarred.

Danish may not be a crystal ball, but Danish was just what I needed.

Mental Clutter... CLEARED!


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