QuickieChick Challenge/ Giveaway

Life is about the little things. Lots and Lots and Lots of little things. I want you to do something good for yourself today, something that is healthy, makes you happy, gets you out of your box. Then I want to reward you for it. Yes, be good to yourself and you will win (you may even win some cool stuff from me too)!

"QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget" is coming out on May 22nd! To celebrate, I am doing a giveaway-a-day (weekdays) for the month of May. I'm not just talking about little "eh" items... I'm talking about:

*Fendi Sunglasses

*Boxes of Emergen-C vitamin C drink

*Case of popchips

*Box of nimble by Balance Bar protein bars

*Pair of skinny jeans

*Gift basket of gummy vitamins

*Stability exercise ball

*Hair styling flat irons

*Makeup, etc, etc...

To enter:

1. E-MAIL (laurel@quickiechick.com), FACEBOOK (post it on my facebook wall) or TWEET me a photo of your DailyQuickie (either of you doing that quickie or just of the thing itself).

2. I WILL POST it on a special dedicated Pinterest page (check out the page. There are several of my DailyQuickies already up).

3. HAVE YOUR FRIENDS COMMENT, Re-Pin, or Like your Quickie.

The most interactions at the end of the day wins that day's prize.

Each weekend I will put up a calendar of prizes for the upcoming week.

For next week's prizes and to see a few of my sample DailyQuickies, click here: QuickieChick Challenge.

A few DailyQuickie ideas:


Wearing a color that you normally would be intimidated by

Eating Bites with Benefits for de-puffing

Putting on your Power Panties before an important meeting

Working out when you really don't want to

Saying no to the chocolate chip cookie and choosing tea instead


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