Hotter, Better, More.... SEX, BODY & CONFIDENCE... with These Moves

by the super sexy seductress- Jenny Block

First your pulse begins to quicken. Then sweat starts to trickle down your skin. Soon the rhythm takes over your body. Finally your mind drifts to another place. The adrenaline races through your body. Your body is overcome with a warm sensation that emanates from your center. A wave of happiness rolls over you with an intensity that only this can bring. You are move focused, more present than you could have ever predicted.

I’m not talking about sex, silly. I’m talking about practicing  Nia. And it doesn’t matter whom you’re with or whether you’re any good at it. It doesn’t even matter what kind of shape you’re in. The only thing that matters is the pleasure of the movement. The hip shaking. The shimmeying. The stretching and swaying and reaching.

Nia is a fitness/dance class that was co-created thirty years ago by fitness pro Debbie Rosas who was tired of seeing her teachers and her students get injured and get bored.  It’s based on 52 moves that draw from the dance, martial, and healing arts.

What does all of that mean? It means your body will love doing it, it wants to do it, it knows how to do it.  It’s all of the movements that our bodies long for and that we generally restrain ourselves from. It is that restraint and that release that hold both the problem and the secret respectively.

The problem is this: We keep our bodies still so much of the time, working, reading, driving, watching television. We no longer feel connected to our own bodies. And it’s awfully hard to feel sexy in your own skin when you hardly have the chance to stretch out in it.

And if you’re not feeling sexy, it’s less likely that you’ll feel like initiating any fun between the sheets. You might even be giving off a “no sex wanted” vibe without even knowing it.

The secret is this: By moving your body — even in non-sexual ways — you’re increasing your drive to engage it in sexual ways. There’s something about the freeing nature of Nia’s “dancing like no one’s watching” style that prompts a freedom in the bedroom too.

Besides, even if anyone was watching, who cares what they think? If they knew the type of extra-curricular benefits you were reaping, they’d be shaking it up too.

Nia gets you moving around and focusing less on the technical and more on the creative or, dare I say it, spiritual. You’ll be amazed, no matter how uncoordinated you imagine yourself to be, at what a few turns on the dance floor can awaken in you.

The reasons are simple. First, raising your heart rate creates an addictive high. Once you get it on the dance floor, you’ll want to get it on in the bedroom. Second, there is power in muscle memory. Dancing Nia can bring on some very sensual movements. Start doing it on a regular basis and things will flow better than ever in the bedroom. And, third, body awareness is a big part of Nia. It’s so easy to forget our own sexy assets. But dancing can spark your memory, especially with all of those mirrors that most gyms and dance studios have around. Once you’re in tune with your own body, your partner will want to be too.

And if it’s something you and your partner choose to do together, the results will be even better. Spending that time together, your breath short, your muscles engaged — can be a very powerful thing. And since you can’t get naughty in Nia in public, the anticipation of returning home becomes all the more intense.

Doing Nia, or dancing of almost any kind for that matter, means being in better shape and enjoying a better sex life in terms of quality and quantity. And believe me, no talent or experience is required. All you have to do is show up and be willing to get into the groove and, when you get back home, you’ll be getting your groove on in no time!


Jenny Block, author of “Open: Love, Sex. and Life in an Open Marriage,”  writes about travel, entertainment, and other lifestyle topics for a variety of outlets, including a monthly sex column for FoxNews.com and her website Jenny On The Page where she regularly dishes out her insight. She speaks at conferences and other events about writing, relationships, and whatever else anyone cares to hear about, and she’s a writer and the Social Media Strategist for Nia Technique.


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