Make A Statement... around your Finger, Neck, and Wrist

contributed by Blair and Dani- The Smoking Nuns

It’s not for the faint of heart, nor the timid.  And it definitely isn’t for wallflowers or even the girl next door.  We call it statement jewelry and it’s meant to do just that – deliver a statement.  We at The Smoking Nuns love a confident woman who is not afraid to be watched as she walks down the street, who holds herself with grace, and who offers a distinct sense of style with everything she wears.

Jewelry has been making a strong presence in the fashion world as of late, leaving a minimalist approach behind and opting for a bold move towards heavy adornment. This can be an intimidating way to change up a look, not knowing what is too much or when it’s not enough. Wearing white on white creates a blank canvas and allows for a good measuring tool in terms of how little or how far you’re willing to go.

And as if you need yet another reason to don a sparkly fearless statement piece, it’s a cheaper and easier way to update your wardrobe than replacing all of your beloved threads. And if all else fails, it will double as a bulletproof vest protecting you from any crossfire in the middle of your work week.  What’s not to love?


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