Lingerie and Confidence... How to Stop Your Guy from Cheating

 He used to find you sexy. You’re sure of it. Aside from his normal guy wandering eye tendency, you were the only one for him. And you knew it. Every time you got undressed, even if you weren’t wearing the sexiest underwear (though you generally made an attempt), he couldn’t help but stare, his lips slightly parted, his body completely frozen, his eyes focused on your body.

What happened?

Lately he doesn’t seem to much notice when you take off your clothes, even when you’re wearing your best matchy-matchy lingerie set. Seems something else is always on his mind. He’s distracted. Sex feels requisite not sexy.But it’s not just your sex life that has been affected by this shift. It’s your self-esteem, your confidence, your own desire for sex. You don’t feel sexy naked anymore. In fact, you feel just he opposite. The spark seems to have fizzled.

Why Guys Cheat…

Guys often cheat because they feel like they aren’t getting it at home anymore. He doesn’t feel like you’re into him. He doesn’t feel desired by you. And there’s that chick at work or at the bar that he goes to with his buddies or in the coffee shop where he gets his daily latte who looks at him with those eyes, giving him that seductive half smile, tossing back her hair, then looking away. Now SHE, she clearly thinks he’s sexy. She clearly will make him feel like a god for a moment. And there are no strings, no drama, no bitching, no bad days, no headaches, no chores, no nothing attached… just sex.

It’s Time to Do Something About It!

It’s time to turn your relationship around! Don’t just sit there feeling insecure. Don’t just look through his stuff, fixating on finding out what he’s up to while eating another comforting chocolate chip cookie. It’s time to show him that you’ve still got it. That you are a hot piece of ass. His ass. You are there every night- no complications, no having to hide, no having to lie, no having to sneak around. He can be as wild and crazy as he wants with you without feeling judged. You are the total package. It’s time to take control!


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