"I Hate My Body" is Ruining Your Sex Life

“Do these jeans make my ass look fat?”….. Oh my God you’ve got to stop! If you have insecurities about your butt, thighs, stomach, boobs, arms, or ankles DON’T point it out to your guy. Bitch about it to your mom, sister, best friend, therapist, or even me on my Facebook wall. Let your guy view you as the gorgeous gem that you truly are. I mean really, do you WANT him to see your cellulite before he sees your smile? He fell in love with you for a reason. Don’t taint it. Stop pointing out your flaws and forcing your guy to view you through your eyes. If you keep it up, continue to reinforce how hideous your stomach is, how you lack ankle tapering, and the fact that your right boob is smaller than your left, pretty soon he will see it too and he won’t be able to pick you apart as much as you do. Now… act like the confident, sexy, strong, voluptuous (whatever your body type is) woman that he first spotted from across the room.


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