Got 2 Days? Take a Girl's Getaway! (Spring Clean Your Head part 3... )

Spring Cleaning isn’t just about cleaning house. It’s also about cleaning head! This spring I have taken the issue to task, testing out 3 ways to get clear, in 30 minutes (Call a Psychic), 1 hour (Give Your Body & Mind to Someone Else), and 2 Days… below:

3.    2 DAYS: Take a Girl’s Getaway

Sometimes you just have to totally escape in order to return to your center. Life can get so crazy that you almost feel like you’re living an out of body existence, repeating the day to day in a zombie-like state of repetition- wake up tired, eat breakfast, workout, go to work, have lunch, work, have dinner, maybe see a friend, go to sleep… poorly, wake up, repeat. Seems your system is stuck. It’s time to hit esc, then refresh.

A girls getaway, for me is the ultimate escape. Sure, going on a romantic trip is fantastic, but a girls getaway is different somehow. There is no pressure. No expectations. No need to look sexy or “try.” With a girlfriend you get to just be you. Well, that is if…

2 Rules to Traveling well with a Girlfriend:

1. You have similar budget expectations. Oftentimes bills are split and experiences are shared. That includes if you take a town car vs a taxi vs a bus. If you eat at the fine dining restaurant vs the cafes. If you want a guide or a self tour. Etc…
2. You have similar traveling styles. You’re on the same page when it comes to how much relaxing, shopping, exploring, eating, drinking, nothing… you want to be doing.

If you have different styles, as long as you are okay with the differences and don’t mind being on your own in order to follow your own pursuits on occasion- you’re fine!

My best friend Kim and I are all about girls’ getaways. Our most recent quickie trip was to Terranea- the perfect weekend destination for southern California chicks since it’s close enough to drive to, but remote enough that it feels like we’re somewhere far away!

I’m big into doing SOME sort of adventuring whenever I travel. Kim… not so much. Still we are perfect traveling companions because we’re both great at entertaining ourselves. Kim strolled along the bluff trails, looking at the local wildflowers and exploring the onsite chef’s edible garden, while I headed down to the water for a spectacular guided ocean kayaking trip. Not only was it an intense upper body workout (which I would be grateful for later that night when eating way too much at Mar’sel- the fine dining restaurant focusing on seasonal, local cuisine… which doesn’t necessarily mean “light”), but I saw harbor seals sunbathing on a rock from maybe 10 feet away! We kayaked as close as we could without scaring them away, then grabbed onto some of the floating seaweed- a secret kayaker’s trick to stay put without drifting so we could take in the environment and regain our strength before powering back to shore.

Kim met me along the rocks and we headed back to our shared room- a great budget way to travel with girlfriends… as long as you’re not shy. Because I was salt crusted from the sea water, I decided to take a pre-dinner bath in the total chick-fantasy bathroom (this thing was HUGE) while Kim sat in the living room and checked email at the desk overlooking the ocean. Is that not an ideal working environment?! Then we got gussied and headed to the Lobby Bar and Lounge for a pre-dinner drink- Cucumber Bliss made with hendricks gin, fresh cucumber & basil, topped with soda water. Perfectly refreshing after an exhaustive day on the water, and the ideal start to a very lively evening ;)

Personalized massages were a very welcome morning-after rise and recuperate (prior to shining)! The therapist moved his hands and arms along my body as if he was dancing or doing yoga. He stretched, twisted, dug, and soothed my muscles so fluidly it felt choreographed. In a daze, Kim and I met in the relaxation lounge for some tea, dried fruit and nuts, then plopped ourselves on ocean-front chaises and watched a pod of dolphins swim by. After an hour of relaxing- something that I didn’t even realize I had the capacity to do, we ordered vegan bento box lunches from the spa café. An hour later, it was, depressingly, time to go- yes leave Terranea and head back to reality. But even just a day can be enough of an escape to return to the world refreshed.

We are already planning our next trip…


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