Got 1 Hour? Give Your Body & Mind To Someone Else… (Spring Clean Your Head part 2... )

In case you missed Part One on my Head Cleaning- Call a Psychic, I will recap the intro… If you already read it, skip down to the “1 Hour…”

When it comes down to it, what is stopping you from cleaning your kitchen, tossing out that junk in the corner, and overhauling your closet? It’s not that you seriously have zero time (because somehow you found the time to watch The Bachelor and now The Voice seems to be accommodated too). It’s all in your head.

So before you can truly tackle the clutter that you pretend not to see but really irks you every time you allow your eyes to accidentally sweep across it, you have to clear your head. Not to worry, the daunting task actually has a quick and easy fix, a couple of them actually, depending on “how much time” and how much money you wanted to invest in your sanity- which, for me BTW, is probably where I spend the majority of my discretionary income. This is a 3 part’er… 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 weekend…

2.    1 HOUR: Give Your Body & Mind To Someone Else… Bioenergetic Meditation

I’m all about healing rituals and spiritual spa treatments. Actually, to clarify, I’m all about spa treatments, really any spa treatments EXCEPT the basic massage. I know it’s strange. But I’m a deep, I mean- bruise me deep, massage chick. Anything less honestly just kind of pisses me off. You see, before I was this “QuickieChick” I made a living as a spa reviewer (which I still dabble in… because why not?). The point? I have literally had hundreds of massages from an equal number of therapists- almost. You see, when it comes to massage, if I find someone who is good, who really knows how to touch me the right way, can both dig so deeply into my muscles that I am practically taking birthing breaths to get through it, then calms me to sleep for 10 serene minutes- all in one 90 (yes, I ONLY do 90 minute massages) minute treatment, they become a god/dess to me and I will refuse to see anyone else for fear of the treatment not being as good. And THAT’S why I love to try other interesting experiences at spas. The great thing is that all of this massage-avoidance exploration has introduced me to some serious mind/body awakening experiences… which comes to PART TWO of my “Forget Your House! Spring Clean Your Head instead” 3-Part’er.

My best friend is the one person who just might have a more fab job than I do. She is the Public Relations director for the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Since she knew I was in “a state” (as my mom calls it when I am stressed out beyond…) she set me up with the brand new spa treatment called BioMeditation Therapy. I will admit… I was skeptical, and honestly was more in the mood for Steve (my insanely, ridiculously good obsession at The Massage Place who calls my body “his architecture” and gets upset when I mangle my muscles into a knotted mess). But sometimes in a time of need, you will try anything. And I was beyond need, and to the point of desperation.

Bioenergetic Meditation
BioMeditation Therapy at the Four Seasons LA BH is a traditional Russian healing modality called Bioenergetic Meditation that is known to naturally activate self-healing and strengthen the immune system, nervous system and metabolism, while removing energetic blockages and imbalances, regenerating the systems at the core in order to form new healthier habits.

The Actual Treatment
You lie fully clothed (if your clothes are comfortable and loose) or under a sheet, in a darkened treatment room, with “Sounds of the Universe” music playing louder than a whisper but quieter than an outdoor conversation. Jeannette von Johnsbach, your therapist, proceeds to tell you that she will likely wash her hands and do several breathing exercises during the treatment and not to be alarmed, she is just clearing the energy. You close your eyes and can barely feel her hands above your body, sometimes sitting still in one area- like on your stomach or heart, and sometimes moving so quickly you can feel the rush of air. All you do is lie there and let your mind go. Every person and every session is different, but at points I saw swirling colors, then it felt like I was in a fast moving train going through a long dark tunnel, then I could have sworn someone was blocking my view (despite the fact that my eyes were closed). Often times I thought I saw my dad standing slightly behind me as if he was protectively watching over me- apparently all of this was a positive sign that showed the immediate effect of the Bioenergy and its blockage clearing. After an hour of semi-consciousness the treatment was over. Jeannette gave me a brief explanation of what she experienced in me, but didn’t want to tell me too much as she didn’t want to plant seeds in my head that I would then fixate on (I’m a fixater) and therefore hold onto, but instead she wanted to let the work silently do its job as the blocks continued to dislodge themselves. She told me that I would be tired that evening, as she had left gaping holes in me that were once filled with ick and now they were trying to fill themselves back up with healthiness.

I slept well that night and felt like I had let go of something… just didn’t know what. And I think that’s a good thing.


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