My Secret Headache Cure!

I am a headache person. If I get a stomachache, I’m worried- because that’s not me. Headaches… they have been a lifelong issue. PMS, too much to drink, stress, not enough sleep, sleeping on a pillow that’s too hard or full, the causes are limitless. Unfortunately the cures aren’t. Having been a lifelong headache sufferer, I have tried pretty much everything when it comes to searching for relief. And I found one. Not just one, but the best. It’s Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm is a popular topical used traditionally in Asia as a multipurpose remedy. The seriously strong scented salve is a blend from camphor, menthol, cajuput oil and clove oil and known for its analgesic and blood flow promoting properties. It may not be made to mitigate headaches, but it is one of the best topical cures around. Dab the potent, eye-stinging salve on the back of your neck and temples, massage it in, and wait a few minutes until your headache seemingly melts away.

It’s just another one of those QC secrets that you will come to depend on. I literally keep a container in every purse, my bedside table, and in my car. It’s a must.



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