How to Drink Wine (Correctly!)

Don’t think I’m nuts when I say that there is a way in which people drink wine that bugs me. I mean, seriously irks me. It’s one of those personal little quirks of mine.

As much as it might appear kind of silly, there is actually something to the seemingly snotty way of drinking wine that involves swirling, smelling, and finally sipping- like what you might have seen in the cult film “Sideways.” But that’s not what bugs. If you don’t want to swirl the wine in order to open it up, release the scent and flavors, and enhance your experience. That’s your issue.

What bugs me is when people incorrectly hold the glass- grabbing it by the bulb instead of the stem. It’s not about looking pretty or sophisticated or anything like that. It’s about maintaining the integrity and appropriate temperature of the wine and not killing it’s delicate flavor with your hot hands. The ONLY time it’s ok to hold a glass of wine by the bulb is if it is too chilled- thereby muting the “nose” (smell) and taste. In that case, you can hold the glass by the bulb with both hands in an attempt to slightly bring the temperature down (white wine isn’t supposed to be sipped at refrigerator temperature- that’s too cold).



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