Girls Night Out/Date Night = 1000 Extra Calories?!

Just because you are going out with the girls or fine dining with your significant on a Friday night doesn’t mean you should completely sabotage the healthy diet that you have been working on all week.

But here’s the thing, it’s not necessarily that calorie-laden Steak Frittes or fat-fueled Lava Cake that is where you have to watch out (you already know how bad those are for you), it’s the two pieces of bread with butter before dinner, couple glasses of wine or martinis during your meal, and, yes, that extra request of salad dressing that is actually weighing you down.

So how do you prep for a night out? Go into it with a healthy mentality by taking a power walk first! Yes, I am a big believer in a quick 15-30 minute power walk before a weekend evening on the town in order to not only burn off a few extra calories, but also to set the mood- reminding myself about how hard I have been working all week to be healthy. No reason to ruin it in one meal.

Another trick? Have a small cup of FF yogurt to keep the hunger pains away, averting your desire to immediately dive into the bread basket the second it’s presented at your table.

In case you aren’t sure about just how bad some of those girls night out splurges are, here is an average calorie count:

BREAD (not including butter)

Housemade White Bread- 250 calories for 2 slices

French Bread- 515 calories for 2 large slices

Garlic Bread- 250 calories/ 20 grams fat for 2 slices

Sourdough Bread Bowl (minus the soup)- 580 calories

Housemade Dinner Roll- 275 calories for 2 rolls


Ranch Dressing- 73 calories/8 grams fat per tablespoon

Caesar Dressing- 78 calories/8 grams fat per tablespoon

Vinaigrette- 75 calories/8 grams fat per tablespoon


Beer- 153 calories each

Martini- 274 calories each

Daiquiri- 449 calories each

Wine- 100 calories each

Dessert Wine- 189 calories each

Like your cc bill that is insanely huge thanks to lots of little charges, the little “insignificant” things add up- fast!


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