Tax Tips to Keep in Mind When Filing Your Own Taxes

Working for yourself can be slightly painful when it comes to tax time. Why? Because we didn’t have taxes taken out of each and every pay check like a slow, steady leak. Instead we get hit hard once a year. Alright, let’s face it, tax time is painful for MOST of us- whether we work for ourselves or not! To make April 17th (yes, it’s the 17th this year) a little less torturous, I turned to CheapSally.com for tips…

1.Stay Organized: 

Gather all of your financial documents before you even touch your computer.
•         Make sure you have all tax forms, last year’s taxes, checking and savings account, credit card accounts, home mortgages, insurance statements.

2.Double Check:

Take your time and double check all the information you have provided to avoid any errors that might end up costing you.
•         As of November 2011, a total of $153.3 million were still owed in refunds that haven’t been able to deliver due to mailing address errors.

3.Opt for Direct Deposit:

You’ll receive your refund earlier and the IRS will love you for it because it’s cheaper than mailing it to you!
•         Generally, the IRS transmits direct deposits a full 7 days before they mail out a paper check.

4.Tax Deductions:

Tax software makes it easy for you to  find the maximum amount of  tax deductions through questionnaires and lists.
•         Don’t forget about first job relocation, donations, job hunting costs and environmentally friendly tax credits.

5.Save on Tax Software:

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