What Women (surprisingly) Really Want & Don’t Want on Valentine’s Day

Forget the flower shop, and you can even skip the candy store. This Valentine’s Day, stop at the electronics store if you really want to make your girl swoon. No, this is not a joke.

Guys love their power tools, and women love them too! But instead of the biggest, fastest, and showiest, we want the smallest, multifunctional, portable, and easiest to use gadgets that, like us, have the ability to multitask, keep us connected, and provide instant gratification. What am I talking about? According to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), what women really want are smart electronics. Yes, that’s the gift of choice for many chicks this annual day of love. I’m talking about tablets, smart phones and e-readers.
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The fact is that women wear many hats: mother, wife, career woman, friend, etc, so small, mobile devices that we can keep in our purse, remind us of our meetings, hair appointments, hot dates, and yoga classes, won’t let us be late to our kid’s dance recitals and soccer games, and simultaneously let us record, upload, and post the pics, videos, and other musings instantly onto Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr so the rest of the world sees just how fab we are.

I’m giving you the opportunity to be selfish when it comes to picking out your gf’s v-day gift. Just think… “hmm, what cool new electronics do I want?” Then buy it for her!
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But you’re not off the hook that easily. You still do need to put a little bit of thought into it and remember the details- Accessories! (some of our favorite things). In addition to the techie stuff, remember that we are still chicks. We need the skin, covers, and extras that personalize the gear. And this is when the thinking comes in. What’s her favorite color, print, style? How will she use her new gadget? At night (some readers come with built-in lights)? Is she vegan (she probably won’t appreciate animal print then)?
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It’s Just Lunch- a personalized dating service, surveyed over 750 single men and women on the topic of gift-giving. Only 30% of women said that flowers are the best gift for Valentine’s Day. And, according to CheapSally.com, candy and lingerie rated even lower with only 5.2% of women saying that candy is the best gift, and a pathetic 1.6% saying that lingerie is the best gift (sorry guys). Still, last year 1.5 billion dollars was spent on candy and 1.7 billion was spent on flowers. Not too shabby for the reported $14.7 billion dollar industry. Instead of flowers, chocolate and lingerie, chicks said they want gift certificates for activities so that they can do couple’y things together. Cute.




The good news about this for guys: you still have time! Decide what activity you want to give her for Valentine’s Day, then buy a symbol of that gift- for example, if you are giving her a ski trip, give her a snow globe. If you are making her a sexy pasta dinner, give her a tomato plant. Finally, in the card that you can either buy or make, write that this is the official gift certificate for a romantic skiing weekend away or for a delicious homemade meal- complete with champagne and an after-dinner bubble bath! She will be sure to swoon!


-xx Laurel


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