Let's Be Honest... Are you Happy with Your Relationship "Status?"

Facebook’s status updates can be stressful! “Single,” “in a relationship… with-,” “Engaged,” “Married,” “It’s Complicated”… How about “is it really any of your business?” or “Fabulously Single,” or In Love with Me… He’s Just a Bonus.”

Whatever it is, are you happy and content no matter what your relationship status is? Or are you suffering over your search for “the one?” Chasing after scraps and settling for less than you deserve? Trapped in a miserable relationship that you can’t seem to find a way out of? Under a heavy weight of societal expectations of what love is “supposed” to look like?

Well I’m sick of looking, chasing, and settling. And I’m not going to do it anymore. That’s why I decided to fall in love with me.

Some say that you can’t fully love another until you completely love yourself first. And that’s why I am slightly obsessed with our “Taking It Off” expert Christine Hassler’s “Fall in Love with Your Love Life” seminar.

You can check her out in the “Have a Happy Love Life” video (and see who has been giving you those spiritually savvy and sassy, life enlightening tips… I always LOVE to put a face to the voice that comes from the fingers). So not to confuse you or anything, but there are two chicks named Christine in the video- Christine Arylo and Christine Hassler (our Christine), two of the most inspiring and transformational teachers I know when it comes to love and happiness. The Christine’s each have each written life-changing books, spoken to audiences around the world and have dedicated their lives to showing people how to fall in love with themselves. What I love most about them is that not only do they teach love, they live it. They walk their talk every day.

These chicks have checked every relationship status box (single, engaged, married, divorced). They’ve been lonely, love-starved, afraid, and shut down. They’ve struggled, suffered and settled. They got shaken to the core (you’ll hear their stories on the free call that they are hosting and I will for sure be listening in on )… and emerged on the other side to be two of the happiest, most loving, most loved people I know.


On February 22nd, they are hosting a FREE Transformational Conversation that will blow your mind, open your eyes, touch your heart and turn your love power on high.

They’ll share their hard-found secrets, insight and inspirations: 3 Keys to Falling in Love With Your Love Lifeno matter who or who isn’t sleeping next to you.  These are the same keys they used to take their love power back… meaning their happiness now only depends on one relationship – the one with themselves.

If you can’t make it to the live chat, no biggie. Take the 10 seconds now to sign up and you will be emailed a recording after the call (you’ll also get a seriously awesome free Self-Love Kit (since Feb 13th is national “self-love day”), including a hand-illustrated self-love guidebook, the official 2012 self-love song and more. Register for the call here now and check it out!


BTW… I get a lot of invitations to attend calls like this, but this one is different. Christine Arylo & Christine Hassler are two of the best inspirational self-love catalysts, talking about love in new ways that cut through and that make sense – and they are a TON OF FUN! I know just being on the call LIVE with them is going to open me up to a huge helping of love and inspiration—that definitely will have me waking up with a smile in the morning. Join me!

-xx Laurel


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