100 Calorie "Miracle Noodle" Recipe

I am slightly obsessed with “Miracle Noodles.” How exactly they make noodles that have zero calories, fat, and carbs, I have no idea, but I am kind of going crazy for them. Ok… so they have pretty much no flavor on their own, but so what, it’s not like you’re eating them on their own- add the flavor! This recipe has become one of my regular go-tos since it’s ridiculously easy, filled with healthy veggies, and totally fills me up without filling me out. Add the ingredients that you like in the amounts that you like, but this is what I generally do:


1 Zucchini thin sliced or cut into skinny spaghett0-like slivers

1 Sweet Onion thin sliced

2 Garlic cloves diced

3 Mushroom slices

4 Asparagus spears

1 packet Miracle Noodle- fettuccine style

Olive Oil cooking Spray

Sea Salt & White Pepper


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