How to Make Cauliflower Taste DELICIOUS: low-fat/low-cal Recipe

I’m usually not the biggest fan of cauliflower. But for some reason while I was at Trader Joes the other day I felt inclined to buy the bag of prepped florets. After over a week in my fridge and the expiration date looming, I decided to play with it. The worst thing that could happen is that it would suck and I would suck it up with a not thrilling dinner.

Easy Flavor-Full Baked Veggies

So I pre-heated the over to 400, took the bag of cauliflower florets (80 calories) and emptied it into a mixing bowl. Added 1 sweet onion (46 calories)- thin sliced, 1 parsnip (114 calories)- cut into bite-sized pieces, and 3 mushrooms (that was all I had)- cut in to quarters. I added sea salt, white pepper, some olive oil. Mixed it up with my hands.  I dumped way too much on a baking sheet and drizzled a little more olive oil onto it. I baked it for about 30 minutes (not exactly sure) until the veggies were all browning.

Miracle Noodles

While they were getting soft and delicious I took a bag of “Miracle Noodles” (calorie-free, no carb, truly amazing noodles), rinsed them over and over to get the slightly fishy test off of them, then dumped them in a bowl and seasoned them (remember that each ingredient should be seasoned individually so they can stand on their own feet) with sea salt, white pepper, a little Earth Balance buttery spread, and a squirt of lemon juice (for a little acid and to brighten the flavor- you always want a little acid for balance).

Delish Dish

Once the veggies were ready, I tossed them in with the miracle noodles and sprinkled on a little grated Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Ok… so delish I can’t even tell you. Actually I can. I had seconds (which I tend to not allow myself to do). AMAzing. Must be a miracle!


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