How to Dress for... A Business Party


I shot this pic while walking to my car. I was on my way to a Travel/Spa Writer event at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.It was a birthday/been-a-long-time celebration for a fellow writer. I realize that’s not the norm when it comes to business or business parties. But really… is there a norm? Each of our business, events, and social activities have their own style and dress code.

What do you wear to an Business Party? It seems like a contradiction! In general, I like to combine couture with budget, discreet with bright. Why? To pop and make an impression, letting people remember that you were there, wearing a piece that will stick in their mind, without being obnoxious. Simultaneously, that piece should be consistent with your personality. For me… it’s often pink, super high heels.

Here’s a bit more about what I mean:

-A simple, knee length, but fitted and slightly sexy black dress. Calvin Klein, 2nd hand couture store.

-Interesting statement coat (that of course will be removed, but will at least be a great entrance & exit statement)- Marni, from 2nd hand couture store.

-Structured bag with a little sass. Dolce & Gabanna, it was a gift.

-POC (pop of color) heels. JustFabulous- $39.95.



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