Why Dating SHOULD Feel like a Job

Online dating, in particular, can feel like a job. You can spend hours a night sifting through profiles, then too many evenings out on “eh” dates that leave you less than satisfied. But BEFORE the actual dates, and even before sifting through profiles… you should treat the design of your profile like a job.

Think about how much time you spend on your resume, on strategically wording each sentence, spell-checking, and setting yourself up for success. And then what? Your job lasts maybe 6 months? 3 years? Even 10 years? Well, your relationship… at least once you find “the one,” is supposed to last a lifetime. So I consulted CyberDating Expert Julie Spira, who gave her invaluable QuickieTips on how to best create your online profile, prep for your date, and go in there ready… for love. Mind you- people pay her for this type of info…

-xx Laurel


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