10 Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day… if you’re single.

Your love life has seen better days… and it’s Valentine’s Day.  Forget about stressing, being depressed, or doing away with the day all together. Maybe I’m a hopeless (or pathetic) romantic, but even if I don’t have a guy to celebrate with, I’m celebrating dammit! Here’s what to do:

1.    Do a Quickie Workout in Bed to feel sexy! Yes, it’s a real workout, it just happens to be done on a bed. But these specific moves can help amp up your libido and make you feel like the sexy vixen that you are!

2.    Give Yourself a $150-spa quality Facial on a $1 Budget… - a Refrigerator Facial. Take a tomato, add lemon, mush together, smear it on your face. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Voila- gorgeous, glowing, calm, exfoliated skin! The tomato and lemon work together to reduce hyper-pigmentation, chill out acne, and unveil beautiful skin.

3.    Silky Smooth and Cellulite Reduced Skin: Take a bath in Milk. Yes! Cleopatra used to bathe in milk because it made her skin silky smooth thanks to milk’s naturally exfoliating and nourishing effects. Add extra oomph by dumping in some seaweed too to reduce the appearance of cellulite!

4.    Stiletto Quickie: Workout While Getting Ready to Go Out: So what… you “forgot” to exercise today. While you’re getting ready to go out, do a few Eyeliner Butt Squeezes, Hair Curling Plies, and Lipstick Leg Lifts (it’s SOMEthing… and that’s better than nothing).

5.    Get dressed up! I mean seriously do yourself up! Spend time making your hair look pretty, try on a different and sassy eyeliner, have fun with it! Feel sexy. IF you’re feeling ick… fine- wear your fab ick outfit.

6.    Wear Power Panties! Feng Shui dictates that red is the color of confidence and empowerment. If you can’t wear red on the outside because it just doesn’t match, wear it underneath it all. Because… underneath it all, you are one sassy and confident chick!

7.    Party! Don’t Pity Party. Get together with your girlfriends and go out! This is not a pity party. This is an “I’m hot and I know it!” party. Strut it chickadee!

8.    Give your best girlfriend a gift. Talk about it ahead of time so that she give you one too if you’d like. Bring it up in a way like this “this Valentine’s day, I want to celebrate friendships and how important they are to me. Since we don’t have to waste our money or energy on some guy, how about it we do something for each other?” One suggestion that you can do TODAY: a SoleSociety.com gift card for a so-fab pair of you’d-swear-it-is-designer stilettos (believe me… my closet is full of them!)


9.    Not in the mood to go out? Stay in! Invite girlfriends over for a dessert party or a cocktail party. Make sweet churro-ish popchips and decadent popchips sundae nachos! Serve champagne with a little cassis for the pink color and berry taste. Create your own signature cocktail (like a muddled kiwipeneo- kiwi and jalapeno with your choice of alcohol and tonic water).

10.    Bites w/ Benefits to Get Over Him Faster…. Just want to Stay In? I hear you sister. Sometimes you simply can not get yourself out of a funk no matter how hard you try. Well… there are foods that can actually help improve your mood by boosting serotonin and releasing endorphins that chemically make you happier like oranges, hummus and even dark chocolate.

Forget him! Have a fab, flirty, and fun night with your girls- after all, friendships are the relationships that last…


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