The Rule of Neck... & What I'm Doing to Get Over this COLD

Sick season sucks! Though thankfully we seem to be on the tail end of it. I tend to get sick about once a year (generally at the very start of the year) and it knocks me down for about a week. This year is no exception. I couldn’t avoid it really. The dude seated next to me on my cross country, 5 hour flight from LA to NY was sniffling and sneezing the entire time. I knew I was doomed… Next day, sure enough- the first sneeze! I was pissed, not gonna lie. I also didn’t have my usual arsenal of anti-sick boosters since I assumed that they weren’t needed on such a short (2.5 day) trip. Clearly I was mistaken. As soon as I arrived home- full blown cold. SO, this is what I’m doing to get well soon:
-Emergen-C the Vitamin C helps to bolster my immune system
-Green Powder- to also bolster my immune system
-Aloe Vera Juice- to help flush out and detox my lungs
-Green Tea-loaded with antioxidants (plus it’s more liquid- which is necessary when you’re sick)
-Stevia- instead of sweetener. You want to make your body alkaline to fight off the sickness. Sugar and fake sweeteners are acidic- which is not what you want. Oddly stevia is the exception and it’s alkaline
-Tension Tamer Tea- because being sick stresses me out (I’m a bad sick person) and stress is not good.

Alright… time to rest.


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