The Only Thing You Need to Wear... (well, in addition to clothing)

No matter how “eh” your outfit is, if you have a fab pair of shoes, you’ll be a stand out.

Sure, a slim skirt paired with a sheer buttoned blouse and a waist-defining belt… the perfect clutch in hand, sounds dreamy, but really, do you have the energy, style-understanding, color-coordinating sensibility to whip together such perfection at all times? I certainly don’t. That’s for sure. Instead, I focus my time and energy into one simple outfit defining accessory. Shoes.

I have entirely too many ah-mazing shoes… like a lot. Not to worry, I’m not dropping bank account-hyperventilating amounts of cash on the cause. Instead, I’m smart about my shoe habit. I’m a no-joke fan of solesociety.com, I swap shoes with girlfriends who wear the same size, and, when I want to treat myself, my splurge is a pair of seriously coveted stilettos. In my opinion, it’s not the clothes that make the outfit. It’s the shoes.

Since my girlfriend Megan McCarthy (who photographed me for my amazing book cover) is equally obsessed with my shoes, she treated them to a photo shoot. I mean… These shots are drool-worthy. So close your mouth ;)




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