How to Make Your First Million

Expert: Laura Corn

Occupation: Sex Expert/Author

Known For: 2 million couples follow Laura’s recipes for seduction; 2,000 appearances on American radio shows; 3 books on the USA Today bestseller list- at the same time; 2 years as Amazon.com’s best-selling sex book.

How I Know Laura: Before I became a writer, I was a publicist and Laura was one of my clients. She was one of  my most influential teachers when it comes to sex. But more than sex, she taught me how to be a strong go-getting business woman. This chick is a bulldozer with a seductive smile and certain technique of getting her way. She’s awesome! We’re both fiery and passionate people so we had a wild relationship.

Laura is definitely a chick who has the 3Gs: Gumption, Grace & Guidance a true QuickieChick


QuickieChick Q&A with Millionaire LAURA CORN

QuickieChick: What steps did you take to make your way up to Millionaire status?

Laura: It all started when my husband left me and told me I was a lousy lay. I was an out of work actress with little to no income, and homeless- living on friend’s couches. With an abundance of time on my hands, I decided to figure out why I was such a “lousy lay.”

The library was free and filled with available information, so I devoured books on sexuality and realized my problem: I wasn’t communicating. Since communication comes from asking questions, I started interviewing men about sex- what they like and don’t like. Armed with answers and feeling enlightened, I decided that I had to write a book about the sexual questions every woman should ask her man… except that I didn’t know how to write a book. So I took my little old Macintosh computer and I went back to the library to research how to write a book.

While putting my proposal together, I was able to come up with a little money and went to Dallas (where my family is), where I met this older wealthy oil man. As I did with every man I met, I began to ask him questions, listening intently and taking notes on his answers. I completed my proposal and sent it out to a slew of publishers, each one of which rejected it. By this time the oil guy had become enamored by me; largely due to the fact that I was such a good listener (and everyone craves to be listened to).

Frustrated, but feistier than ever to get this book printed, I told my oil man the situation and he said, “Darlin’ I will publish it for you. Lets start a company.” Of course, I thought he just wanted to get into my pants, but he didn’t! We published 10,000 books for its first run, so I filled my car with the inventory, cold-called radio stations and zig-zaged across the country getting booked on every radio show just by sheer tenacity. At first the books were sold through my 800 number, but then I finally got a distributor and the books sold like crazy.

QC: What was your next step?

L: I knew had to write another book, so I came up with “101 Nights of Grrreat Sex” and again went across the country to get it on radio shows. In this business it is about paying your dues and I definitely paid my dues. I saved all my money and kept rolling the money over. After 4 or 5 years without a profit I was in the hole and owed my money man hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I saved every nickel to pay him back. I lived in a dump apt and lived frugally; I only spent money on clothes to look good at the shows and that was it.


QC:What was the core element that drove you?

L: I had passion and I felt I had cured myself of sexual dysfunction. Another amazing force was that I owed this oil man so much money and I wasn’t going to rest until I paid him back.

QC: And you were able to make the money back?

L: Oh yeah! I have probably sold over 200 million worth of products and HarperCollins paid me the most money anyone in my field has ever been paid for one book- 2 million dollars!

QC: When did you know that you had finally made it?

L: When Barbara Walters interviewed me on The View the first time. Oh, and then there was the time when I saw Heather Locklear on Letterman talking about my book and seduction number 5- the “velvet tongue.” That was pretty amazing!


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