Why Every Chick Needs to Have an "Ick" Outfit

You know when you’re so bloated that your jeans don’t fit, your stomach is pregnant-puffy, your skin is covered with pimples and spots? AND you have a big date. Don’t sausage squeeze into your “date jeans” or “sexy dress.” They aren’t so sexy when you are pouring out of them. Believe me. That’s why you (and I) should have a go-to “ick outfit.” In other words, an outfit that shows off all of your assets while hiding your, um , momentary flaws.

Here’s what the outfit needs to consist of:

-What are your best physical qualities (bloat or not)? Arms, long legs, tone abs, cleavage? Select pants, a skirt, a top, a dress that shows it off!

-What outfit is most attractive AND most comfortable to move in? You don’t want to choose jeans that are so tight you can’t sit down without your butt crack being exposed, heels so high you can only scoot as opposed to walk, or a top so girdle-ish that you can barely breathe.

-What outfit makes you feel sexy?

-What outfit has one component that “pops?” I’m talking about one bright colored piece, a bit of lace, a sexy something…

My Ick Outfit: This dress is my date dress when I’m feeling not so great. It is short enough to show off my legs, but long enough to hide my top of thigh swell. The frilly skirt comes across as cute/sexy, while hiding my bigger than usual assets. Thanks to 3/4 length sleeves, even arm puff is covered up. The belt cinches and defines my waist, while concealing lower stomach swell. Plus it is fun, flirty, and sassy. Love it!


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