Celebrity Break-Ups and Dramatic Weight-Loss

There have been several very public celebrity breakup in the last few months. Just like you and me, when celebs go through break-ups, the effects can be seen not only in photos (missing their other half), but also in their body. Difference is: their post-breakup play by play is breaking news, with images of their grief swathing the covers of magazines and gossip news shows. We can at least suffer, and eventually heal, in silence.

When it comes to post-breakup body effects, there are gainers and losers. Here’s the breakdown:
- Emotional Weight Gain- thanks to binge eating to fill the emotional hole.
- Emotional Weight Loss- because they can’t bring themselves to eat, or they continue to eat as they normally did, but the combination of heart rate elevating stress and depression, plus the constant calorie-burning crying fits makes it hard to keep up their weight.
- Strategic Weight Loss- they are back on the market. Time to drop those “relationship pounds” by hitting the gym and committing to a healthy food regimen.
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More angry than sad? Here are some ways to get over the anger too…

I’m an Emotional Loser

Me- I tend to be an emotional weight loser (that is if the break-up was one that carried weight… I mean importance ;) . With emotional weight loss, you generally drastically minimize both food and exercise. Even if you want to exercise, you don’t have the physical or emotional energy to, since you aren’t consuming enough calories and you likely are depressed. When you do exercise, you tend to be light headed and overall you feel and look weak and frail.
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Sweet Revenge

The best revenge is being happy. Even if you have to fake it! You need to force yourself to do things that will make you smile- smiling strengthens the muscles in the cheeks and helps create that healthy apple-like plump that you lose from losing too much weight. Getting outside and working out- surfing, hiking, Yoga- which also helps detox emotional toxins, will chemically make you happy. You can’t even help it. Ever heard of “runner’s high?” That’s thanks to endorphins which are naturally released while you workout. Of course, in order to work out, you have to eat. It all feeds each other.

Can’t get out of bed? That’s ok, start getting those endorphins flowing in bed- with a QuickieWorkout in Bed…

If Anything, Fake It for the Sake of your Skin (and then your sanity)
If anything, being so uber-skinny is awful for your anti-aging regimen as it depletes skin’s elasticity and eats away muscle. If you have to- force yourself out of a funk. Fake that smile. Suddenly you’ll notice that it’s real.

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