Avoiding Heels from Hell

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It’s 12am,you’re wasted already, your shoes are in your hand, and now you find yourself walking around campus in bare feet. Instead of waking up to a morning of glass filled feet and a severe case of “black-foot”, learn how to wear the right heels! For god knows what reason, girls all insist on wearing heels out because “they’re like so comfortable, I swear!”…wrong, bitch! To be honest, there is probably no ideal heel out there that is going to feel amazing on your feet, but with the right support and a little booze, you are sure to feel just fine. Follow these simple rules and enjoy a blister free existence.

Rule 1: DO NOT wear stilettos. Ok, granted, they’re cute and they make your ass look really awesome, but you will hate yourself in the morning. Unless you are attending a non-lets-all-get-wasted-and-dance event, ignore this precious style. The decision to wear stilettos is also a stupid one, as you will instantly find yourself stuck in the lawn you are stumbling down later that evening.

Rule 2: You can never go wrong with a pump. Wearing pumps allows your butt and legs to look fantastic without the

“BEASST” heel by Steve Madden. This shoe is a little pricey for a broke college girl, but the style is a perfect model of a decent size heel and platform.

pain that comes along with a stiletto. HOWEVER, pumps can have heels similar to those of a stiletto, try and avoid this style! Look for pumps with a wider heel, you won’t be stumbling around as much and your feet will not hurt as badly thanks to the extra support! Pumps that have both a wider heel and a platform on the ball of your foot are your best bet if you plan on your drunken ass remaining in heels for the entire night.

Rule 3: You will thank yourself if you wear a wedge. If you are not big on heels, but you need to be a bit more dressed up than usual, a wedge is a simple solution for a heel hater. Wedges are your safest bet for an accident free evening (well in terms of walking and dancing at least). You won’t get stuck in the grass or stab yourself or a friend in the foot, and you’ll get the height you need. If you need a lot of height, wedges are perfect because they will be a lot more comfortable than a six-inch heel. However, if your feet are on a bit of the larger side, avoid this type of shoe because they will make your feet look really “clunky” and awkward.

Rule 4: A pointed toe is for the office, not a party. Do not buy a heel with a pointed toe if you plan on wearing them out at school, especially if you want to pair them with skinny jeans or a dress. Pointed heels will make your feet look gigantic as well, so stick with a rounded toe!

Rule 5: Band-Aids can be your best friends! If you don’t wear heels very often, you most likely get blisters whenever you do. Avoid bleeding or sore feet by putting Band-Aids on the places where you would normally blister (like the insides of your feet or near your heel/ankle) before you put your heels on. If you use a nude or sheer color, no one will even notice you have them on and your feet will thank you!

Rule 6: Inserts and Insoles = Incredible.
Gel inserts or insoles for your heels will make your shoes as comfortable as possible, so use them! You will not notice that they are in your shoe at all, and they will absolutely stay put. Not only will this type of insert make you more comfortable, it will also allow you to wear a higher heel without hurting the ball of your foot, but they also prevent your feet from sliding around, so if you find a pair of heels that you love but are a little bit too big (or you are borrowing from a friend), inserts will allow your feet to stick to the shoe so you won’t be slipping up or sliding around due to your shoe not being the perfect size.


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