5 Habits to Break Before It's Too Late

Bad habits can be hard to break. Particularly if you like them. Problem is, they are hindering your weight loss success. When attempting to squeeze your spreading backside into your favorite skinny jeans that you haven’t attempted to slip on since last year, think back and decide if that unnecessary afternoon candy bar habit was really worth it.

5 Habits to Break Before It’s Too Late:

1) Waking up Sleepy (after only a few hours sleep):

Studies show that seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep (at night) are what you need to help you keep your health in tip top shape. Why? Not only is sleep your body’s opportunity to recoup from the day’s exhaustive activities, but it’s also when your muscles repair and strengthen themselves and your fat-storing stress hormones clear out of your system.

2) “Forgetting” to Eat Breakfast:

The next time you’re tempted to dash off to work or am activities before breaking your fast (hence “break” “fast”) know that you are forcing your metabolism to slow down and really doing your body a whole lot of bad.

3) Blowing off Exercise:

If you think you can stay fit and healthy from diet alone, think again. More than keeping your body in check, your muscles strong, your energy level up, your immune system boosted, and your metabolism burning, regular exercise keeps your hormones functioning properly, your mood elevated, and your bones strong.

4) Noshing at Night:

Yup, this is my weakness too. Late-night snacking keeps your body from dipping into your fat stores for energy and instead keeps feeding on the fresh food that you’re gorging on. In addition to keeping the fat intact, you aren’t allowing your digestive system ample time to relax and repair itself before tomorrow’s multiple meals.

5) Not Counting ALL Your Calories (ahem: liquid calories):

Drinks, even “healthy,” fresh squeezed juices, fancy coffee drinks, alcohol, and of course soda are jam-packed with calories that need to be accounted for when tallying up your daily intake. You could be racking up hundreds, even thousands of calories and have no idea of the damage you are doing to your diet.


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