Plan to Gorge? Here's How to Dress

Dim Sum Brunch outfit…
-Long Sweater- since I will likely eat too much and feel like I need to hide. PLUS since I have a bubble butt, my jeans tend to not provide quite enough coverage in the back when I sit- especially when I over eat. The long sweater covers up any extra skin on the backside.
-Pink-soled shoes- I took them to the shoe guy and asked him to paint the soles QuickieChick Pink! They make me feel sexy and sassy even when I also feel full and gross
-Adorable Applique Tank Top- It’s my flair AND it detracts from the poochy stomach that’s about to bulge out.

BUT, even though I am going to be eating too much, I am still going to do my best not to overdo it with the uber-fatty items. What I order at dim sum:
-Any steamed dumplings off the cart
-Ask for Chinese broccoli (most dim sum places offer it. It’s steamed and topped with a delicious fat-free sauce)
-Shrimp Rice Noodle (these are AMAZING and light and feel so good in my mouth)
-Bao (I only eat one of them though as they are pretty much carb bombs)
-Porridge (not all places have this, but it comes around in what looks like a huge rice cooker. Definitely opt for the scallions topping, then add a dash of soy sauce)
-Sesame Rice Balls for dessert (this is the fattiest thing I eat. But I LOVE it!0
(oh, and I dip everything but the sesame balls in spicy mustard- a natural fat burner, and some soy sauce)

Off to eat dumplings! My fave weekend food :)

(this is my fave dim sum dessert- sesame rice balls filled with red bean… YUM!)


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